Monday, 17 March 2008

i wanna go home

three days left and the feeling of homesick is getting to me.its not that i dont like being here(well,i dont most of the time) its just that u dont have the pressure of having to work back at home.and add to that ,ur family,ur sibs,ur bestfriends , home seems like a very attractive place. someone once asked me which is the better place to be in and giving an answer was easy , neither is better than the other. true theres a lot of stuff u cant do back home but theres also stuff u cant do here.i learn to value a place from a neutral's perspective(although i have to say t.i is an exception)anyway,three days seems further away than it actually is.ever had the feeling that time suddenly goes slower when ure waiting or bored?if not then i really envy u cos the only reason i could think of for that to happen is that ure life is filled with excitement where as if u do,then u know exactly how i'm feeling right now.i've lost the will to work and seeing that i only have one lesson left,it annoys me that i'm still here in oundle.

i'll stll be here tomorrow but i'll be off to london on some of u might or might not know,my flight is on thursday night meaning that i have about a day and a bit to do a bit of shopping that is if my wallet permits me to do so. i've done my packing(roughly) and i reckon its about 10kg which leaves me with 15 left.someone wantd me to get him a souvenir from here and i have no idea what kind to get.cos..key chains are boring,lighters..well he doesnt smoke..chocs,u can get back at home,maps he can print off google,caps he can get,harrods bag..useless and theres a harrods at klia,so,to stop confusing myself,i've decided to get him something i often give my friends everytime i come back from england,nothing!(haha)i'm not being rude (i seriously am not),he's coming to a uni here in sept 08 which is like a few months away so he can get it himself. we chat through msn just now and it makes me more homesick really.

the last time i saw him was jj 7's where he playd for the kysers(he's not even from kys,but then again,apeq wasnt either)the night before the jj 7's,apeq gave me a call inviting me to play for the kysers,(luckily i managed to use my dislocated shoulder as an excuse to get me out of this one)straight after that fariq(the not so big one) gave me a rang.he didnt have a place to stay for the night so i offerd my place. my mom nvr did mind me having guest in the house (a common trait with ebo's mom)at that time he was driving a proton which is incomparable to his now bmw. we woke up early the next morning cos he had a game to get to.initially,i didnt wanna come but seeing that i agreed with some of my friends to meet up there,i just went along,he needed company anyway.that was roughly the last time i saw him,about 6-7 months ago.

funny how u barely meet ur friends although having gone back every 4 months or so.when i say friends,i meant a large number of friends not just bestfriends. the last break i had i went out with the same ppl so many times .the fact that everyone is so busy with wtv their doing means that theres barely time to meet up.if only we had more fariqs(a few size bigger than the last one,easier to ask out,always in contact),keeping in touch would be soo much easier.owh hell..i take that back,we dont really want more fariqs in the world,one is more than enough.another reason i'm not seeing them is cos our holidays are not allignd. by the time i reach home, taylors would at the end of their break and my only hope comes from kyuem which has roughly a week left of their 3 weeks holiday.

i'm gonna be optimistic about itand see it as a sign.a sign that god wants me to study so that i dont flunk my exams in the summer.i even have to teach my self particle physics which icant really be bothered with but its not like i have a choice in the least my dad wont give any of his sarcasm if he sees me working.putting those a side,i got something interesting to was basically average with almost nothing going on and me being unproductive(like any other day).had a chat with a very good friend of mine(azwan) who might have realised my boredom and decided to give me a url to a very2 interesting literally made my to anyone who's reading this blog,i i give u the link to ken leee(i have no idea how to do this so i just put down the link)

Friday, 14 March 2008

Bani came down part 2

i'll try cutting down on the unnecessary details but i cant promise anything.also,jing has been annoyd by the lack of paragraphs(backd by lin) so i'm gonna try and do that bit today. the reason why i didnt do paragraphs in the past is cos i'm kinda lazy(its more to really lazy,the fact that i'm actually doing a blog is already shocking)anyway,i'm determind to do this until i get bored. owh,i'm gonna ignore any comments on the language used to type this blog ,itsthe easiest way to type in my view and hell,i'm doing most of the typing here so let it be.anyway,here it is again:

bani coming down..continued

where was i,owh yeah,my mom woke us up with here cooking so we had breakfast.found out that bani's sister was helping my mom out and my mom was telling us how helpful bani's sister was compared to us.i would have told her that we sacrificed our morning just to pick them upand we'll be theone driving her to her school but i didnt cos that would just be rude,she's my mother what can one expect.anyway,after breakfast and a few games of pro evo(i won all of mine although ifu ask ebo,he'll say i was using the diving function excessively) we drove of to between the 5 of us,no one has ever driven to ssp and our one and only human map only functions when we get to a certain point in cyberjaya.we were pretty much dependent on road signs from my house all the way took us one hour and a bit to get to ssp,as we drove through the fron gate,i swear the security guard was giving us this funny look.i cant blame him,if i was in his position,i would have done the same.just imagine,theres 4 guys in the car and only one girl and its an all girls school.we agreed to call ourselves sibs if anyone ever asked. ssp was a dull place,no doubt about it but we did meet our old teacher(well,he's act my old teacher but he was at the teaching at our old school so its the same diff).we made a joke bout him but i dont think its right to type it here since this is an open blog and i aint gonna get myself in trouble. we talkd for a bit(the rest didnt feel comfortable) and went back to the car.

whilst bani was helping his sister with her stuff,i decided to catch some z's, so equippd with my new found sunnies(GA..wohoo) i tried to doze off but couldnt.ireckon ebo had the same prob cos we ended up getting out ofthe car and chatting at this really ancient gazebo.guess who wasnt with us?azwan.being the babe magnet that he is,he decided to do a hit and run(which means attract and leave really)haha,actually cancel that,it didnt happen that way(sorie mate).he thought the car wasnt comfortable enough so he went to one of the common rooms ,i think, which was equippd with aircond.he did askd us whther we wntd to join him but both of us had a feeling its gonna turn out bad and it did it if i aint mistaken.i kinda forget what happen next.

as we where about to leave,we saw bani's sister looking a bit sad sooo we gave her a few shouts of encouragement as well as farewell tears(metaphorically).after that we headed to ou to help bani shop for his gf back in perlis.i dont know his gf personally(its been a few months i think) but seems like he likes her a lot(thats kinda obvious,shouldnt have typed that).we went in to a number of shops and i believe he bought her a hoodie at the end,cant recall from were though.i'm positive that its not nike since this incident which i'm gonna tell a bit later on.we didnt have waffles at ww which is a rarity.we normally do,not just because we love waffles but for some other reason which i cant tell for a friends sake but if ure curious go to ww ou and u'll know y.its pretty obvious really.we finishd there and i drove everyone back home except bani of course who i sent to the bus station.(did i mention we took turns driving?me,ebo and azwan of course,bani couldnt since he doesnt know the way)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bani came down part 1

i know,this happend like 3 months ago,and its old story,fair enough. but not many of u know what happened in that period of time so i thought,what the heck,might as well do one now.another reason why i'm doing it now is because i'm gonna be on a flight home around this time next week,yess,really looking forward to it.a few very close friends of mine offerd to pick me up at the airport which i think was really thoughtful(in truth,one of em felt guilty for not picking me up last time and the other is pretty much a victim of the situation).anyway,i'm feeling guilty as my flight would be arriving at night(if u can call 6.20 night) so i explaind the situation and let them decide on it. cos seriously,it will be a burden to both of em.anyway,backto themain topic,the story...

Bani coming down(cant remember the date)

Bani calld me one day saying that he's coming down(he 'came down' to kl from perlis....,what were u thinking?)to accompany his sister to school(it was going back to school day)and he askd me to help buy his bus ticket for him cos he feared that they could be sold out or wtv.i would have helpd him if i could but i couldnt.i was about to go on a family trip to singapore and the day(night to be exact) i arrived back in kl would be a few hours before he arrived.he told me i didnt have to do it if i didnt want to but seeing that we were such close friends back in the 'old' days,i just had to help,i thought,how the hell am i going to do this.well i cant,so i seekd help from a professional.some say he can drive around pj blindfolded but all i know is,he is calld EBO. it wasnt the wrong choice either.he made a few calls himself,got someone to buy the ticket(izhan,i reckon i should at least mention it,actually,it couldve been me who told izhan to get it and pass it to ebo) and not only that,he even agreed to tag along with theres the two of us. we thought that it would be much better if we can get another guy to go along with us so we took out our trusty hps and dial one number(we were calling the same person),sadly enough,neither of us can get through(he's prob talking to his someone)so we turn to another form of contacting ppl,messenger. we both saw him online so we had a three way conversation and he agreed quite easily(the stuff we do for friends,lovely aint it?)not only that,he even agreed that we should crash at his place before picking bani and his sister up(didnt i mention we were picking bani AND his sister?)so all was i went to singapore,ebo got the ticket(indirectly),azwan..well,i just assumed he did his own thing(have to say though his own thing normally consist of being with someone).came back to singapore,cleared immigration,got our luggage(i really dont see how this is related).i was barely in my house for 10 mins cos i was in such a rush(dont really know y).went straight for the jazz keys and drove off to ebo's this point,someof u might think,wtf is wrong with this kid,u barely got home and ure going out again?what about your parents?its probably my fault if these questions pop into any of your heads.i told my parents beforehand(approx a week before) that i would be rushing out that night we arrived home to pick bani and his sister up the next morning. my parents know bani personally(like i said,we're close friends,i even crashed at his place once)so they didnt mind at all.anyway,back to the story, got to ebo's house,pickd ebo up and drove to azwans crib.oddly enough,i found myself stalking his(azwan) neighbours house.well,it aint really stalking,its just turning the ligths off and slowing down as we get closer to the house and stop when we reached a near enough distance. somehow me and ebo found amusement in that(i seriously cant answer if u ask me y).so azwans place, pickd him up,and went to eat at rasta while watching a bit of wasnt long before we headed back to azwans place and call it a nyte,well i did,the other two were so busy txting on their hps they were pretty much kept awake for the most part of the nyte(call me antisocial if u wish,but in my defence,i aint in the same league as those two so cut me some slack).some might wonder why we all had sleep in azwans place,well heres the thing,we had to wake up around 4-5 ish.if we were in diff places that night,one of us had to wake up so early that the guy who had to do it probably wouldnt have gone to sleep at all.anyway,we didnt get much sleep anyway that night,those two were still txting at 1-2 am and me being the person i am couldnt really go to sleep due to all the music which was made by the pressing of hp buttons and the end we did manage to get a couple hours of sleep(literally a couple).we used our hps as alarms to wake us up and they did a pretty good job at it(that is until we turnd them off and doze off again)the thing that made us wake up i nthe end was my phone i think and bani was calling it.ouch. he clld to say that he arrivd so being the nice friend i am,i told him i was on my way there(come on,dont tell me u nvr did that b4).it took us about 15 mins to freshen up and sneak out ofthe house(theres the alarm,the door,the gate).once we got to duta,bani and his sister joind us and the three of us went blank.we have no idea where to go from here cos at first we thought of sending bani's sister to putrajaya but it was so early in the morning and we werent cruel enough. going back to azwans place would be hard(,theres the gate,the alarm,the door),so it was either ebos place or mine.we decided at the end it was going to be my place cos 1)my mom would have waken up already 2)she'll understand the my place it was. it was predictable what was gonna happen at my place,the three of us would go to sleep,bani would surf the web and his sister...i dunno what she did but she did sumthing.we were woken up by the smell of my moms cooking(at least i did)and went down for be continued...

i knowthis story is being dragged on,theres so much useless details that i typed ,i really dont hav the time cos i need to do a bit of work so i have to stop now.i'll continue tomorrw though

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


As usual when my mood fails,i wont type anything long.I've added a few links which can be seen on the blog site.about 4 i think and all of em in comparison to mine are a bit more interesting i think.i'm considering not putting up a c-box although jing might have sumthing to say against it,dont matter to me cos at the end of the day,it is my choice.i've been watching band of brothers up to the 5th episode today and i seem to like it.somehow i can relate my life to it(which is kinda weird seeing that its a war story from a soldiers point of view and i aint no soldier nor havei been in a war)it was good fun watching it and thats pretty much my day.i thought up of a very good topic to blog about but somehow i forget.what a bummer.shouldve wrote it down somewhere.nvrmind,it'll come by again..i hope..well thats it for now.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Making a change

I've decided to cut down on my blogging seeing that it'll get boring (not saying its interesting at the moment) in a couple of weeks as i run out of stuff to type.its also due to the fact that i need to spend more time doing 4 hours a day timetable aint going very well,i've been getting an average of 8 a day which is twice of what i aimed for and still i 'm feeling tired mentally. i read a few blogs today by my ex schoolmates which is kinda intimidating seeing that they blog bout intelectual stuff where as here i am typing bout my own lil personal world with hardly any alien the moment ppl back home are talking bout elections and what personally,not really interested in politics although i wouldnt mind being a politician in singapore(theyre the highest paid politicians in the world) if given the chance but i aint singaporean so thats that.Today was fill with blog browsing seeing that my quality of life has gone down in recent days (cant be bothered attitude kicking back in).i read one which is written in bahasa(well at least 90% of it) and it makes me kinda miss my own language.mind u,ever since coming here,the only malay words i ever use were curse words which is really handy when ure talking to ppl who cant understand it.kinda miss using bahasa.i remember the last time i was back in malaysia and i made this massive error using bahasa. too embarassing for me to tell but seriously,if petet didnt realise my error,it would have been really rude seeing that it has sumthing to do with a death. at the end of the day it turned out to be a joke(a painful one in fact) although i rather being teased to being rude to a person who just exp a death of a kinda makes me think how much i'll forget bout my own language,not in the sense that i'll forget every single thing bout it but more to anything outside the norm.i'm not a pro in my own language and the lack of practise in using it will push me understanding of the language further down. even when i use bahasa,its not the actual bahasa,its pasar or slang. one of the diff between bahasa and any other language that i know is that our daily spoken bahasa is at most times not the same as our written language. most teenagers see the actual bahasa as skema(aaa haqqa,help me out here,need a translation)kinda a bit like queens english in comparison with the normal eng. anyway,i was thinking of changing the language as well(someone mentiond that she couldnt understnd my blog,dunno whether itsa good thing or bad)to malay but i reckon it wouldnt be fair to my non-malay understanding friends who actually spend their time reading this(cheers guys,really appreciate it).i dont think i'll be ableto do much right with the state that i'm in but look forwrd to future changes,i promise u there will be some if not a lot.

Monday, 10 March 2008


I've finalised my summer results.for econs,i wont be doing my coursework but i'll do a few retakes which aint so bad once i thought it through.have to push really hard for further maths and physics,well,its just physics(not saying its easy,its just less tedious).this is gonna be the start of my sprint.unlike most ppl i know,they normally go at an average rate(sumthing like jogging)and try to stay constant.what i tend to do is walk if not crawl and as i get closer to the end,i try to sprint.not a very good idea,i know but its just how i am.i have this feeling i'm getting bored of doing the same thing for almost 14years(this is actually my excuse for going on a gap year),i'm still thinking of what to do during my gap year. i had a dream of seeing the aurora borealis(northern lights) in person. for those who never heard of it,google it or even better,wikipedia it. of course,to watch it in person requires me to go up north which probably would cost a in order to be able to afford such a 'bomb' i would have to work for money not just experience. so one of my plans is to get a job,save the money,get a return ticket to somewhere up north(way north) stay there for a week tops(apparently they advice ppl to stay for at least 2 weeks but dont think i can afford that).sounds easy but i dunno,it sounds like a lot of work.finding a good paying job would be a prob.flight tickets..well..i'll probably have to call in a few favours..accomodation,food,stuff like that..aww it sounds too hard. back to point blank..

Sunday, 9 March 2008

wasted time and revolution of the chain msgs

hello ppl,i'm back from insanity. it wasnt really that bad(i meant me,the results were horrible) and sh!t happens,so lets just move 'personal time' was wasted on cursing and sleeping for long hours(a luxury which i will miss a lot).at the end of it,i'm still the same old(well,i take that back,i'm still young) lazy me.however,laziness has a limit so i'm gonna have to change my habits just slightly.slightly happy though cos some ppl did express their concern and were very nice bout,just gonna type a bit bout chain msgs(its the future ppl,chain letters are way too old school).heres one i got from my fs account:
----------------------------------Original message from aziemah:----------------------------------Original message from nasir:----------------------------------Original message from MuSaFiR:----------------------------------Original message from AsH:----------------------------------Original message from A I N:----------------------------------Original message from heLLspERM:----------------------------------Original message from Tg Reeza:----------------------------------Original message from tini:----------------------------------Original message from elmy:----------------------------------Original message from MiSz SaLLy:----------------------------------Original message from khairil:----------------------------------Original message from AisYAh:----------------------------------Original message from LoRreTha:----------------------------------Original message from MIZ_LOWKEY:----------------------------------Original message from AyA_d0e:----------------------------------Original message from -AiMiE-:----------------------------------Original message from SyAa:----------------------------------Original message from fareezan:----------------------------------Original message from -Zaid-:Dear Friends,Please do not take this for a junk letter. Bill Gates is sharing his fortune. If you ignore this you will regret later. Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet companies and in an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test.When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will track it (i f you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week time period.For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay you $245.00, for every person that you sent it to that forwards it on, Microsoft will pay you $243.00 and for every third person that receives it, you will be paid $241.00. Within two week! s, Microsoft will contact you for your address and then send you a cheque.mai kita cuba ........ramai2.....aku dah dapat semalam...RM5,449.00 selepas T/T ke bank akaun aku.Norhafizah Binti Abdul HalimSetiausahaPengarah MARA NegeriKedahTel:04-7313060/7335780 DL: 04-7331734Faks: 04-7319156email: try, test, tengok..... X rugi pun....tu la masalah dia sekarang nie wan, aku baru je balik dari bank in cheque USD13k++ dlmFCY a/c kat bawah tadi. Ade 3 day float...... aku yg jadi confuse...biar betul beb duit nie.....kita tunggu dulu, kalu clear duit tu, aku habaq kat smua nooo.....Thanks and RegardsROSFAN MOHD SUBBIANTrade Finance Ops03-2034 5861Nie betullah?4 tahun lalu aku dapat email nie..aku forward lah..masa tu masih bute IT lagi kan , so percayalah..tup tap tup tap..6 bulan kemudian aku dapat email memohon alamat aku..terkezut aku biler 2 minggu kemudian aku dapat cek bernilai $16, 456.32..giler babi nye seronok?tu dalam US Dollar..biler aku covert, masa tu 3.8?kirelah..Nah,Pada sesapa yg terrer pasal internet tu, tlg cfm sat.... buleh caya ke?

i purposely left the original msg from thingy and just to add a bit,i got at least 15 of these(no BS).could some one please explain to me why anyone would ever waste their time making this kind of things up and send them around?what fun would one get from passing aroung such msgs?have to say though,this one is revolution to the normal chain msgs. for a first,it doesnt tell you to send to a fix number of ppl(normally its 10/20),no bad luck from not doing it, details from a person who did get the money(lets be honest,who the hell would send the msg again and put in their details on it just to say they got the money) and encouraging ppl to send it by saying theres nothing to lose if u did. i dont really care bout chain msgs cos i normally just ignore and delete them but this one is just sooo annoying.the person who came up with this one is really creative,hey its original,but dont u have anything else to do with your life? i'm disappointed that i have so many 'friends'(gotta admit that in my youth,i did just simply add ppl regardless whether i know them or not,trying to repair that now,i'm deleting those i dont know whenever i have the time and as one can see,my friends list is getting shorter by the day) that actually believe in this kinda thing.cant say i blame them 100%,the prospect of easy money is tempting to most but theres a saying that theres no such thing as a free lunch(i could give examples to prove it wrong but that aint the point) and my dad often tells me not trust easy money(he proves this by giving me this look whenever i offer to pay the bill,haha,).i recall having read about a get rich quickly scheme(skim cepat kaya) a few years ago and millions of ringgit were 'stolen' from ppl around the country.those who fell for it,well,u got no one but urself to blame. if making money was so easy i reckon we would have solved our poverty problem by now. this is actually my 2nd entree of the day,i typed one just a few minutes ago but as i was about to post it,my connection bro so i'm pretty pissed off right now but as i said before,sh!t happens.anyway, gonna end with a joke(if u can call it a a joke that is) by a friend of mine.heard bout the idea of taxing obese ppl for being fat?absurd aint it?i dont really see the problem as fat ppl tend to consume more food so they might be paying more tax on food than skinny ppl.anyway, theres this govt that wanted to tax stupid people for their stupidity.its very tempting u see as stupid ppl are easily manipulated to pay the tax.however,the govt had a few probs ,among them were how are they to implement it and what name should they give to the tax as a stupidity tax would be too obvious and would also cause an uproar.the govt consultd a group of economist and one of the economist gave an answer in mere seconds,"sirs,i'm sorry to say that we already have such a thing and its called the lottery".

Thursday, 6 March 2008

not in the mood

a few warnings:
1)dont talk to me for the next couple of days
2)dont even bother txt-ing me cos i wont reply
3)dont ever ask me why
4)dont give me advice cos we both know i'll just ignore it
5)dont even dare telling me how its my fault cos i f@cking know it already
i'm sorry but i wont be blogging for the next few days due to personal reasons. anything important can be emailed.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

nice doing business with ya

just came back from watching the champions league and i have to say we played really well(if ure wondering,i'm a huge arsenal supporter,no sh!t) i knew we were gonna win after watching the first half,its amazing to see arsenal just controlling the game. we should have scored more goals,thats for sure but i guess in football u cant have it all,2-0 although a good score does not really reflect how the guys played today.cesc's 30 yard goal shot (which ended at the back of the net) was and the pace that theo has,omg,i reckon his faster than habana,did u see that run?(of course u didnt,u were too busy crying for your losr).anyway,lets put that aside cos i have an announcement to make. good friends,colleagues,normal friends,bfs to my friends(no,not referring to 'bi-curious' ppl) and bookies.lend me ur ear for i am not here to..owh wait,wrong one.ok people,i'm typing this so there should be no misunderstandings and i will send this post to each of u if need be(excludes u bookies of course). I'll be collecting todays winnings in a weeks time after i reach malaysia(21st march),there should be ample time to get it and bear in mind that failure to do so will result in an interest put on to that debtat a rate of 10% a day. no negotiations will be made. thanks ppl,yes,i love u too.
today was just wow.i won both football games today(the arsenal one plus a game against bedford i think) and i'm doing well on my challenge. almost nothing went wrong today. if ure curious bout the thing i typed above,well if u really have to know, i got this prob see,its not a biggie but its not sumthing i should be doing in the first place.i got an ego prob.whenever arsenal goes up a really really good team(eg. ac),i'm normally asked to put my money where my mouth is and most times,i do (i hate it when ppl talk crap bout arsenal).anyway,this time around we won,and hell i'm not gonna give anyone a break at all.not even if he was my brother.still waiting for april 12 which is gonna be a really tough game against manu and as i told some ppl before,i'll repay every word,every tease plus interest.a bit harsh aint it?i know,butits justtheway it is, mess with the team and u'll get it for sure.todayisall bout football(duhh,dont expect me to write bout health and fitness).waht a day.

Monday, 3 March 2008

what?this is eaaasy

its the third day and i have to say it was fairly easy,i'm aiming for at least this wednesday but my hopes are for the 15th(if i can reach that,i promise u i'll throw a huge party),most ppl who read this will have no idea on what i'm talking bout and hey,guess what,tough luck,no chance am i ever gonna say it publicly. Just had my fourth cup of coffee and now i'm thinking of adding a teaspoon of coffee to the mixture seeing that i'm feeling slightly immune to it compared to before(could be over fatigue though).my sleeping habits really arent helping me stay fit(my term of fit means the ability to run more than 100 m) although i have to say my work rate(in academics ) is quite impressive. johny told me before that i should actually do more push ups,it makes the body more refine(actual quote).if only i had the energy,i would(seriously,dont u ever trust me?) but its sad to say that i barely have enough to get through a day of walking to and from lessons. i'll admit its totally my fault,4 hours of sleep isnt enough to support me both physically and mentally but its not like i have a choice. dont matter anyway. organised my i tunes today(i know,i dont have a life) and my current playlist(its actually called current sounds) i realised just now,almost half of it was electronica+dance and almost a third of that came from the album ultra dance 09.i ripped it to my com cos i know my sis is gonna take it when i get back(just cos she has her own house now she thinks she can get away with taking my stuff)fave song from that album would have to be D.A.N.C.E(really nice childish sound to it). not that many new songs on my current sounds since i have decided to not download stuff illegally(out with piracy,a bit lame i know)got a few marie digby on it (courtesy of kyd who intro-d me to her),her voice is not exceptionally good but she knows the types of songs to sing which is better than having a good singer but bad song.i threw in a few mash ups in there as well which appealed to me(my lil sis lost the album so i only have disc one on my com which is really unfortunate since the songs on the 2nd disc was really good).owh,theres also the beatles,let it be.amazing song although (i have said this before bout them) the lyrics is really short which is normal for a beatles song but still i have this thing against really short lyrics(dont know y,i just do).not that long of a playlist,theres only bout 32 songs on it.i update my playlist every few days so that i dont get bored,(yes i know,i have no life). i'm a bit of a universal listener so i dont really care what genre i hear as long as its good. embarassingly,my fave song of all time is fly me to the moon by frank sinatra,i nvr get bored of listening to that song and i hope i nvr will,its such a good song,try to sing it everytime i'm in the showers(the echos make my voice sound alot more nicer than it is),sad aint it?my fave song is a song that was made famous during my dads time,kinda gives me the 'old ' feeling. owh, i havent found a tap dancing class in malaysia which is a bit sad since i'm thinking of taking em during the summe(anyone?a bit of help would be appreciated),i know its still early but better be prepared,who knows,there might only be limited number of places.i'm also checking up on plays going on at istana budaya, the last time i went there was for anna and the king(wasnt that long,its like 3 months?) but yeah,it was good, a nice classic(seen anna and the king a few times in my life to be honest but it was my lil sis first time). i got hooked to theatres ever since i first went there around ten years ago(now,if u can say ten years ago with confidence u know ure old)it was keris sang puteri i think and it was alright although i have to say now that i think of it,cant say i remember much about it. still appreciate the fact that i when to see it though.from music to theatres,this is going out of topic.i'll just stop here today.

Mixed weekend

Sick on saturday,spent most of my free afternoon in Xby(really nice ppl there,should really go there more often) and here i am thinking why didnt i take a few minutes off to write my blog. at the current moment,my head is a bit spinny(if u dont know what i mean,its not thinking straight) from last nights antics which i'm really happy to say happens only once in a year(thanks to chucky who convincd me to do it).please dont ask about it,its way too embarassing although some guys would wanna take it on(yeah,come on boys,we can do this!)anyway,i'm not sure whether i wrote about my teacher adding me on facebook. he's a 42 year old guy physically but barely 20-ish at heart. seriously,no joke. he's up to date in movies,uses his 3g phone quite well(which most dont sadly enough),has his very own superbike(i think) and is very2 sporty. he's never ashamed to ask for help(prob the thing that makes him diff from other 'not so young' ppl)i still remember helping him with his laptop and buy stuff online,now he can easily do both on his own.back to the main point,facebook.i somehow think one of his pupils manage to convince him to get a facebook account which is fine but adding me just feels a bit weird. i got over it though cos once u think about it,if a facebook account gets him online more often then its a great thing,at least its easier(and cheaper) for me to cantact him(so what if we keep in touch,he's been vital in my war against the add maths).a particular girl told me to accept it and ignore the guy but i just cant do that(believe it man..i'm going soft),ignoring a stranger is one thing but a teacher who taught u and vice versa? no way...iwas sick on sat,not the hold day but straight after playing footie(too much use of energy perhaps?),i had to cancel my cooking session with andy and that was the most annoying thing i could do at that moment. we where gonna cook salmon teriyaki and fried rice(i have no idea whether its garlic or chinese) and i had to cancel due to a bleedin,it was my first time being sick in almost 2 years,2 f@cking years.huuh...yesterday was alright though,got my supply of movies which hopefully would last me at least until the end of term.this is all thanks to a very dear friend named poh jing yu(trying to flatter u laa,what else)its good to know that u have nice friends around you who wouldnt mind sharing the data on their hard drives. owh,chris ma intro-d me to slim jims,personally i dont think they're that good but not bad either.theyre beef jerky if u never heard of em and apparently its really hard to get by them unless ur in the states of course. the taste is nice but the chewing bit is kinda weird,feels like ure chewing beef thats mixd with plastic but that could be just me.anyway,gonna write another one tonight so taa