Monday, 26 May 2008


I've finally found time to update my blog. Not gonna be long though cos i'm heading off to the library after this,i am in need of work and thats the only place i can think of which gives me the right atmosphere to work in.

Anyway,lie. About a week ago i got into a discussion with a group of very sophisticated ppl(i'm not part of the group,i was there by chance) and they were talking bout whether lying is just simply start of,the scene given was u know your friends gf(using the idea that the friend is a guy seeing that i'm kinda lazy to type both) is cheating on ur friend,so what do you do?i thought the question wasnt really structurd right for the topic,if ur friend doesnt ask u,then ure not telling him anything so its not lying and if ure the one telling that friend of yours that his couple is cheating,it aint lying either.nvrthe less,it was a spontaneous question and i did understood what the guy was trying to say,what would i do if my friend came to me to asking whether i know his couple was cheating.i said early on that if my friend askd and i knew,i'd say it as it is witout holding back cos the act of him asking gives me the hint that he's suspicious of his gf (duhhhh) or even he couldve known it.i didnt agree that lying would be a better option cos even if it does give him a bit of happiness(up to the point that he finds out) that happiness is based on a lie(i didnt say that,someone else did). that got me thinking on a bigger scale,what if those conspiracy theories are true and we're actually living a lie which we see as true. see it this way,theres so many religions out there in the world,how do we know which one is right or wrong.they all could be right up to a point but which one would be right all the way till the end( not gonna talk much about it cos my knowledge is limited on that kinda stuff).

we were then given another situation.what if we know our friend is cheating on his gf and his gf came and ask us about it?its a good question cos its a proof of how u treat ppl differently. if my friend was the one beeinf cheated at and i knew,i'd tell him straight to his face a.s.a.p but when my friend does the cheating,i have doubts i'll ever tell his gf about it. at that moment,i can only figure 3 things to do.
be truthful,
tell her knowing that ure doing the 'right' thing but lose a friend and possible secrets in the future that other ppl might tell me but couldnt do so cos i dont lie.
tell a lie,
feel a bit guilty but it'll pass seeing that i have stml(short term memory loss) and everyones happy(until she find out by herself of course)
not say anything
might give a hint of yes but she keeps on thinking witout knowing for sure.everyones happy
my choice was obvious,i'd was either that or say i didnt know or keep silent which is almost like a yes.think of it this way,if ure friend didnt cheat,u'd say no in a heartbeat but if he did,u said u didnt know. see the difference?so i'd just lie.i can live wit the guilt but it does seems un 'fair' that u'd allow someone else to live a lie but not ur a person dubbed with having a heart of stone,i didnt care that much.

someone in the group said she thinks lying doesnt really angers a person,its the fact that u did something wrong.what she said to us was implying that lying to cover up sumthig u did wrong is not wrong..i think. her example was u cheat,u lied to ur gf and u were found out,she's angry cos u cheated not cos u lied.some of us gave replies along the line that in court,if u pleaded guilty,u'd get a lighter sentence than if u pleaded not guilty and was found guilty showing that lying is kinda wrong. i gave an example of a doctor that gives a patient 6 months to live when the patient is just fine. charles(who apparently joined the group this term,it shows,didnt say much during the discussion) thought i said that a doctor cant make mistakes,luckily enough someone put it into an easier form(hmm..i hate this guy,i'm gonna tell him he has 6 months to live).it does imply that lying is wrong.she argued however that lying is lying int he first case was more of covering sumthing up where as in my case its the main thing. the guy in front of us said sumthing bout the degree of lying.he said its alright to lie in some cases.his example was if u just found out ure friends mom was diagnosed with cancer and ure friend(who didnt knew) came to ask u if everythings alright just before his exams,u'd lie to him and say yeah and tell him after his exams.

during supper,charles asked me what i think about the lying.and i remembered and analogy that i once heard back in 02.consider a pen.u can poke someones eye with it or u can write sweet poetry with it.its not the pens fault that u poke someones eye with it.(TJ used to say this and somehow it sticks in my head now) and i told him thats what i think of a lie. its a 'thing' which right or wrong depends on how u use it.of course,theres always the religion issue.not gonna say much except that i think its the variation of interpretations.

a boring entry,i know,probably cos i;m getting was supposed to be the day i go out shopping but i might just have to move it to tomorrow seeing that i'm not in the mood.weekday shopping is kinda nice ,not that many,i aint a shopaholic,i just errr..outgrow my clothes quickly..nothing wrong with being 19 and still growing.till i get the incentive to type again.ta

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


A few weeks ago,a friend of mine(a blogger herself) told me that her relatives 'invaded' her blog and that she's gonna 'privatise' her blog. I actually understood her actions. My blog for instance,is one of those things i dont mind friends or random strangers read but when it comes to relatives its like..woah there...especialy if its my dad and seeing that he knows i have a blog it'll be a matter of time before he discovers this. so..i'm taking precautions. I'm gonna take a new approach for my blog be renaming it and changing the contents.i'll also be deleting the old ones,not because i'm ashamed of em(well,i am if my relatives read them) but more to the fact that its kinda give you..curiousity killed my time