Thursday, 28 May 2009

Succumbd to peer pressure

This update is to hold of the naggers(yes its an 'a', not typo) off for awhile. Must have ran out of things to read. to be honest there aint that many ppl who r gonna read this(i'm a realist,u think i dunno?) but to those who do here u r and to the naggers,i appreciate ur concern but seriously less time going out wit u ppl will mean more time for the blog so take one or the other.

I have made(well technically,its assembled but gimme credit would ya?) a sofa. mom bought it from ipoh and it took the company a month and a half to transport to manufacture the parts and transport them here,my house,glenmarie,shah alam,selangor not thailand,vietnam,or even japan. glenmarie,less than 300kms(i think) away from ipoh. somehow i reckon i can walk that distance within a month.of course,to be fair they had to manufacture it,but come on............a month and a half?!for the parts of a sofa?those parts must be really complicated to make or seriously that company is in need of more workers(mustve laid them off due to the current economic situation). ok,back to me making (assembling) the sofa. the parts reach the house around nine-ish in the morning(please bare in mind i came home at 5-ish after watching cpl finals).i was drowsy,i was lazy and i had to sign papers,fine,i did just that. it came in a a square-ish box.after signing i realised,what kind of sofa comes in square-ish box?goddamit,must be one of those diys,i thought.then i askd the guy6,ure just gonna leave it there?he replied,my job is just to transport it i calld my mom saying it came in a box and the guy is only the transporter(sounds cool kan,like the movie).i have no idea whats up with her today(actually i do,but not very polite to say it here,kinda obvious,every girl has it) but she was raising her voice as if i did sumthing wrong. being drowsy at the time(maybe thats y shes angry)i only heard can u do it,if cannot i'll get sumone to do it,which i have to say is repeated a number of times and just to end the conversation i said yes.and there i was,armd a set of tools and my skinny bod all ready for work(this was kinda late at night).opend the box and i saw.....cushion thingies,screws,bolts, a couple of weird things i have no idea what they r.all this didnt bother me cos i knew i could do this(i was the handyman back at the oldhouse,mom bought alot and i mean alot from ikea)but theres one thing that aint there,the instructions. again,too lazy to whine so i just did what my brain tells me to,this goes here,that goes there and voila...i give u.. a sofa(i'm sure not gonna sit on it).

seriously,another one tomorrow cos i need to have a loooooooooooooong bath.