Wednesday, 24 June 2009

time to grow up

i'll be moving on and leave this blog for another that is more 'matured'(at least i think it is). not sure whether i want it to be private or open(not gonna make any difference,not that anyone reads my ramblings)still,moving on sounds kinda good bye

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Succumbd to peer pressure

This update is to hold of the naggers(yes its an 'a', not typo) off for awhile. Must have ran out of things to read. to be honest there aint that many ppl who r gonna read this(i'm a realist,u think i dunno?) but to those who do here u r and to the naggers,i appreciate ur concern but seriously less time going out wit u ppl will mean more time for the blog so take one or the other.

I have made(well technically,its assembled but gimme credit would ya?) a sofa. mom bought it from ipoh and it took the company a month and a half to transport to manufacture the parts and transport them here,my house,glenmarie,shah alam,selangor not thailand,vietnam,or even japan. glenmarie,less than 300kms(i think) away from ipoh. somehow i reckon i can walk that distance within a month.of course,to be fair they had to manufacture it,but come on............a month and a half?!for the parts of a sofa?those parts must be really complicated to make or seriously that company is in need of more workers(mustve laid them off due to the current economic situation). ok,back to me making (assembling) the sofa. the parts reach the house around nine-ish in the morning(please bare in mind i came home at 5-ish after watching cpl finals).i was drowsy,i was lazy and i had to sign papers,fine,i did just that. it came in a a square-ish box.after signing i realised,what kind of sofa comes in square-ish box?goddamit,must be one of those diys,i thought.then i askd the guy6,ure just gonna leave it there?he replied,my job is just to transport it i calld my mom saying it came in a box and the guy is only the transporter(sounds cool kan,like the movie).i have no idea whats up with her today(actually i do,but not very polite to say it here,kinda obvious,every girl has it) but she was raising her voice as if i did sumthing wrong. being drowsy at the time(maybe thats y shes angry)i only heard can u do it,if cannot i'll get sumone to do it,which i have to say is repeated a number of times and just to end the conversation i said yes.and there i was,armd a set of tools and my skinny bod all ready for work(this was kinda late at night).opend the box and i saw.....cushion thingies,screws,bolts, a couple of weird things i have no idea what they r.all this didnt bother me cos i knew i could do this(i was the handyman back at the oldhouse,mom bought alot and i mean alot from ikea)but theres one thing that aint there,the instructions. again,too lazy to whine so i just did what my brain tells me to,this goes here,that goes there and voila...i give u.. a sofa(i'm sure not gonna sit on it).

seriously,another one tomorrow cos i need to have a loooooooooooooong bath.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Selangor V kelantan

It was a weird proposition.thats what i thought when razi said lets go to watch tomorrows final between kelantan and selangor.i nvr knew there was a match goin on the night after(nvr really read the malaysian sports sect).we made jokes about it of course seeing that its what we do most of the time(make fun of everyone and everything with the exception of sheikh of course) and the thing died out. the next day(or that afternoon to be exact,we hangd out till 3 am i think),had a call from fariq asking whether i wantd to go and watch the game(honestly,i thought they were joking about it earlier). being a 'patriot',i said at about 5,fariq came over(we carpool alot these days,troubling times) and seeing that razi was 'busy' we head off to bj to buy tics. i kid u not,by the time we got to bj,all we can see was red(kelantan supporters were there early).at that point we were a lil bit scared cos looking at the amount of ppl,the tics might have sold out.this kinda embarassd me a bit cos dad told me beforehand it could be a full stadium and i replied "what r the chances of an interstate match in malaysia having a full stadium?".we didnt have much trouble though getting the tics cos there were still loads of em when we got to the tic booth(barely anyone was buying).we then head over to razis where we chilld for a bit b4 getting on the lrt to bj(we were driven to the lrt sttn by icad in his matrix,its a big car,fits 9). by the time we got into the stadium,it was at full capacity with the exception of a couple of sects which were emptied due to security reasons. it was easy to choose which side to support cos i was the only 1(i think) with ties to kelantan so selangor it was(i was torn cos of that).bought headbands with selangor on em(2 bucks a piece) before getting in and head straight up to the top stands(we know the lower ones would be full,we can see em).like i said b4,it was at full capacity and we were lucky to even get seats(which we stood on to get a clearer view).the whole 90 mins of the game,we were standing up,shouting and screaming at every player and official on the field. wasnt a great match,just loved the adrenaline.anyway,we had out at full time cos we(well,the other 2,not me) had a game to watch,they were manu fans before selangor fans.

kinda rare seeing me do another one in less than a day.its one of those stay in days(days which i choose to stay in to rejuvenate after a tiring period of outings,also helps save money for the next outing period) so i guess i might as well do one.not sure when the next one will be up but could be those who keep reading,seriously,i appreciate it. food blog could get deleted when i have the energy.till then

Ex-schoolmate,Herbalife,checkups,free passes

Had dinner with an ex primary schoolmate.of course it wasnt a candlelight dinner or anything,just a simple 'soupy' dinner(those familiar with sect 7 would probably know straight away,if u aint 1,tough luck).and no,it wasnt just the 2 of us,i brought along a friend and so did she.i had my reasons of course mainly that i have no knowledge of the existence of unisel and the way there,so i brought along a friend who i thought knew the way.he didnt of course which resulted in my slow driving(funny how little roadsigns show where unisel is,doesnt change much,i'm a slow driver anyway).she brought along a housemate(luckily not all,she has 14 of those).somewhat regrettd bringing a friend along since she was telling stories(a lot of em and some r kinda embrassing).didnt mind that much cos this particular friend of mine knows he'll be crucified if he tells anyone. felt a bit guilty since both of em got papers comin the next day and we're here lengthening their dinner.anyway,by the end of dinner,as gentlemen(haha),we sent them back to their rentd houseand i promise u,its the biggest house rentd by students that i have ever seen.its 3 storeys tall.its even bigger than my house,!having said that,i didnt take into account the fact that 15 girls r living under it until i got to my senses.overall,not a bad dinner.

I am now on herbalife.y?i wanna get buff(dreams of the sons in my family). Went to a booth set up by a friend whose gf's mom gave the explanation.they took my height,weight and other stuff to see how 'ideal' my body is.heres a pic of it.the ones with numbers in the goal column(is this right?) r the thing i should aim for.obviously i dont need anyone to measure my weight just to tell me i'm underweight(i know that,i look in the mirror every morning).apparently i've gone down both in weight and height(used to be 65 and somewhere closer to 180,who cares anyway).everything else is fine i guess,just need to gain at least 8 kilos(my goal in 3 months).something worth bragging is my basal metabolic age which is,a 70 years old mindset in a body with a metabolic age of i know how benjamin button feels like. didnt need much of a nudge since i already decided early on i'm gonna take it(not sure whether cos its really good or just to help out a friend). just started taking it this morning after being given lessons on how to do it the other a wannabe realist,i know the results wont show immediately but owh how i wish it would hurry up.thats that.

below my friends booth,NKF(i reckon its national kidney foundation) were giving out checkups. initially u have to pay rm2 but close to the end it was free(probably why we went for it). doubt if i take a pic of it anyone can read the tiny writings so i'll just type the summary of bmi is in the normal range(although i had an argument with a friend what normal is just today,she thinks its above 20-25,me,18.5-24.9).low possibilities of high blood pressure,hypertension,high cholestrol(can a skinny guy get this?) and someother stuff i have no idea how to spell.i always thought my blood pressure would be low since i lost a lot of blood back in 2nd form when some idiot split my head into 2(not literally speaking).not the case auntie gave me some advice that r quiet common,more excercise,stop inhaling 'dangerous' substance,avoid oily foods,those kinda stuff.heard those before.what r the chances i'll listen to it? origins:wolverine.apparently its a preview.saw it in gold class and the best bit is its free(dont think i can afford it if it wasnt).this was at gsc signature,the gardens(i know,wow right?)the seats are electricly controlled,there was a pillow and a blanket,free drinks and snacks(is this how rich ppl watch the movies?).the movie itself was ok laa,nothing great,could have been better.having said that,i did have a hard time resisting the temptation of snoozing throught it(i was tired but since there might not be another free gold class ticket ever,i persisted).keeping the movie pass,would probably look nice on my wall.probably.

was to write another one but i think this is long enough.i'll do another soon.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Damn you and other stuff

Yup,one of those rare updates.Although having access to the internet,i find myself not blogging for some odd reason.i stated in one of my earlier ones(back in the days when it was one a day) that this could just be a phase,maybe its nearing its end,hope not,i kinda like like writing random stuff.

I dont blog about football that often but i'm going to since this annoys me a hell of a lot. I have a friend and i think he could be the worst predictor ever which is good. I was in Kk for the weekend(obw) and there was this huge game that saturday night/sunday morning. i tried avoiding asking this particular friend of mine who was gonna win the game all day but some joker just had to ask.and his answer was a huge blow to my hopes of silverware.he said arsenal would win.and we didnt(god damn you).at half time it was 1 all and i left cos i know deep inside we're gonna lose.anyway,i had to get my revenge,so i asked who was gonna win the manu-everton game knowing that the person who asked about the arsenal-chelsea game was a manu fan.he said manu,i kid u not, i knew they would lose.most of those reading this would probably think its just luck that he guessd 2 games in a row wrong.well,heres an interesting fact,back in secondary school,i cannot recall him winning a single bet and he bets alot.some even asked him bout the results before betting.enough bout that,i'm moving on to sumthing else.

i was told that the stories i tell lack names so its sometimes hard to differentiate thetruth from lies.i try to avoid giving out names cos i do not want to embarass anyone unless of course ure a good friend in which case i would go all out(this is a lie).A great liar(no,he's not a politician,atleast not yet)once told me that the more details u put into ur words,the more believable they r.sounds about makes sense doesnt it?nvr tried though,i'm very honest(yes,i am).

believe it or not,i am now giving lessons to my lil sis on a regular asked me the other day whether i could help teach my sis every night(of course i argued every night isnt practical). i dont know bout other form 1s but how learning has changed since i was in school. there aint notes. no reading assignments, and barely any wonder her grades r somewhat average.maybe the school is trying for an unorthodox approach,let the kids have their own initiative to study.i dont know,i still think at that age and this time,kids like that need more and more work.imagine this,if mom wasnt to take the laptop away,my sis wouldve have been on myspace all day(no idea what she does on myspace,its her business anyway).i dont mind,its all part of being a big brother(bullying makes it worthwhile).

trying to do things a bit more differently.more random stuff since its easier to type that way whilst i'm sleepy.still looking for old schoolmates so if anyone out there knows anyone(u know what i mean)get in touch,unless of course u despise me.i'll blog again soon,very soon cos i feel like it.

Monday, 30 March 2009

The Car and what not

Its been more than a week since i inherited a car(i know its not a fortune but it is something nonetheless) .technically its not mine but it will be one day(hoping3......). by now u'll probably be wondering what kinda car i got.well for those who were thinking of old jags,ferraris,cadillacs and what not,well,sorry to burst ur bubble its an 80's mercedes(w116 280s merc to be exact) . it was ownd by my late grandfather and its been there even before i was born(duhh,80,i was born in 89). I just sent the car for a full service at a place recommendd by a friend. kinda impress with the condition of the car since one of the guys there said with a rating of 10,he gives my car a 7/6 which is kinda good since its an ancient.he also mentioned that my car being an 80's car is somewhat odd cos it has little or no rust(wohoo,credits to my late grandpa and uncle).the engine is in good condition despite its age(old things do last apparently).not gonna elaborate more on the car cos i dont know that much bout cars and this is only the start so i'll do another one on the car once done to satisfaction.i'll also put up a pic later on or maybe not...some ppl has no eye for old cars so putting up a pic might not be a very good idea.i remember a friend of mine came over and the first few sentences about the car that he said was "dude,mcm mane nak pick up chicks nie". of course replyin was easy(i'm not into girls who are materialistic to an extent that they'll reject me due to my car) but thats besides the someone once told me,beauty is in the eye if the beholder. my taste for cars is an acquired one(probably from my uncle).what we had planned for the car was simple,keep as many stuff as original as possible.

Just today i was 'kindly' askd by a friend to update my blog(nvr realised someone actually read my blog,thanks to those who do).of course i wantd to be cocky and told her to get in line but somehow it seems rude and inappropriate.i'm beginning to think i'm a changed person(for better or worst is of course a personal opinion) these days cos i seem to hold back a lot more. a sign of maturity perhaps or maybe i'm just hallucinating and nothing really changed.i've started on some personal exercise(amazing isnt it?) and a friend has been telling me bout herbal life.apparently it makes fat ppl skinny and vice versa.i was wonderin how does that work.and the best part about it is that u dont have to do exercise(or so i was told)just take the damn thing and hey,presto chango(sounds suspicious to me).if anyone has any comments or what not please do gimme any,i wanna know more(getting con is very low on my list of things to do).if its an almost sure thing it'll work,then i might consider it(what else could u expect from the self proclaimd mr lazy). my lil brothers gonna be getting a gti(hopefully),i personally dont mind that much since everyone can drive it although i would 'paham2 sendiri' that he has the priority. the fact that i have rights to drive any car is enough to stop me from blowing up with dissatisfaction but thats a story for another day cos this is getting long.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Making bread

As the title says,i've made bread.i was talking to this girl the other night and suddenly had this urge to make bread for no apparent reason. so before i slept,i made a commitment to make bread the next day(today la).heres a pic of it..
doesnt look so great does it?dont tease me too much will ya,its a first). took me a couple of hours just to make normal bread(yeah,its just plain bread).i chose plain bread cos its relatively easy and it was my first time baking on my own. owh,ignore the staright deep cut my mom made when i asked her to test it and the crooked left(that was me poking it with a knife).it didnt turn out as i hoped and the bread didnt exactly 'raise'(wtv thats suppose to mean).although taste wise its alright(if u ignore the harden parts).my sister keeps nibbling on it as if it tastes nice although i told her to throw it away.if u havent figured out what its suppose to look like yet,well,its not ur fault,its mine.i was being too ambitious and it the result shows that.its a lot different from what its suppose to look like.heres my initial sketch of what i was hoping to bake.

way different aint it.not even a good sketch.i blame it on my niece.i was thinking of an animal bread when she kept shouting mickey mouse so i kinda shifted to that instead. another failure.someone once told me baking is harder than cooking and i guess shes right. dad seems to think i should spend time learning to cook more practical stuff like nasi goreng(which i already know how).i just wanted to give baking a up is an amazing chocolate cake i've been craving for months.gotta find some stuff though,apparently its kinda hard to find unsalted butter. went to jj just now to get the ingredients and almost got confused with what they were many variations of flour sugar and what typing this here is a sign that i might resign my other blog.2 blogs take too much time.might as well just add a food tab here.another abrupt ending.later.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

financial crisis

if ure thinking that i'm talking bout the world financial crisis then ure wrong(unless of course its 'my' world ure talking bout,u know what i mean). Anyway,for the past few days,i've been spending a hell of a lot (i mean a HELL of a lot)to upgrade the old desktop at home.and now,not even halfway through the month,i've spent almost all my money(to be fair to me,my money is relatively low compared to ur average teenager).so i will most probably be limiting my social outings to weekends and spend the weekdays at home(i probably have enough seeing that i spend barely 10 bucks when i go out,well,most of the time).i've spent all the money gained from my previous 'business'(if u consider it a business that is,at least i do)my siblings(that can drive) seem to be taking advantage of my habit of filling up the tank everytime i take any of the car,i aint got ocd or a perfectionist,i just dont like seeing the car low on fuel.despite the relatively low fuel prices,it still is a nuisance to fork out 30-50 bucks every now and then.on another less annoying matter,i've finally regaind my passion for blogging(sad,i know).hopefully it'll last slightly longer than before. getting rusty though,typing getting slow and material getting low. had an agreement with dad(finally). i am to do SATs this year and perhaps get in uni in 10. although achieving my goal of a looong holiday,i still have to study for SATs on my own. in all honesty,i cant be bothered but the reward at the end is somewhat tempting.although its not something i can achieve by getting excellent scores alone.i dont know,we'll just see how it goes.i'll probably start 'studying' by next month,thinking of sumthing around 4-8 hours a day(excessive ,i know).it'll probably do,i aint no genius,i know where i stand although feels like an idiot sumtimes. one of my many definitions of an idiot is someone who knows their strengths but too lazy to nurture idiot.although i cant say its better to be dumb than be an 'idiot'. starting to get really comfy with the wireless keyboard and mouse(one of my many 'money well spent' moments...haaa).just to be able to lay on my bed and do what ever is such a good one up is a projector(thinking of bringing the ps3 in the room) although there might be a problem with the very limited space and the fact that my walls are now decorated(got my old pictures on the wall,a thing i pick up back in secondary school).i'll think about it more.more importantly is a webcam(by the time i bought the speakers,a huge whole was burning in the wallet).syaz has been pestering me to get one for awhile and since my sister is gonna be flying off to aussie,she might wanna contact us,dad seems happy with the idea.apparently good webcams can set me back by rm200(my definition of good of course).god dammuit,just remembered,gotta by books for SATs,dont know how much that'll cost me,probably not much,they're just books.although i have spoken to someone bout it,she says its about 100(why is knowledge so expensive these days). rihanna coming up soon.not sure whether i wanna go or the tics but somehow not that interested anymore.if anyones reading this(which somehow sounds very doubtful) and is somewhat interested in going but couldnt get a tic,gove me a ring/nudge/miss call/wtv although i aint promising anything.owh dear,this looks long.i'll leave it at that for the moment.might continue tomorrow.till then

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Almost Dead

almost dead.thats how i'd sum up my blog but who gives a damn anyway(at least i didnt up until now).anyway,gonna start blogging again cos lately i found myself wit so much time.gonna be going back to my old blogging habits ,unnecessarily long and pointless.not sure whether i'll be doing it on a daily basis though.some ppl seem to treat their blogs like a diary(err,not my kinda thing to do to be honest)with daily short entries,nvr like reading those kinda blogs(as if i read any*sigh*). so if anyone who still drops by the blog every now and then,thanks?