Friday, 29 February 2008


One day when you are feeling important,
One day when your ego is in bloom,
One day when you have the feeling,
You are the most important person in the room.
Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your arm in up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that is left there,
Will be the measure of how much you will be missed


This was sent to me by my dad. seeing that my dad aint a poet,its not always he sends me sumthing like this,in fact this is a first,i never read nor heard any poetry my dad ever made(i doubt he did any when courting my mom). i'm not 100% sure that he made this (although he did claim it as his own)theres always the possibility that his lecturers or teachers could have told him in passing(he once did english lit,for some reason that i am not aware of) but in his defence,it doesnt really sound like sumthing a teacher or lecturer would tell u. the point that he's trying to show to me is fairly easy to understood,i got it the first time he told me bout it(it was during one of our family 'dinners') and still he sends it to me via email as a reminder. i have this feeling that he thinks i might let my ego get the better of me(it is a possibility seeing that some ppl have told me before that i do have some ego issues but then again some ppl say quite the opposite) and if he thinks that way than i'm gonna prove him wrong,its not like i've never done it before,it'll be another sweet victory and an 'i told u so moment'. just exp a power cut which is kinda annoying when ure writing a didnt last long so it really didnt matter. today was a bit too windy for my taste(i detest the cold when i'm awake,although i do love em when i'm asleep).not gonna type that long today,not really in the mood.when i woke up this morning i knew it was gonna be a long day so expectations of today was low and hey,its as expected,average.hopefully tomorrows gonna be a better day

Thursday, 28 February 2008

why r u writing so damn long?

a friend of mine told me that my blog entrees are unnecessarily long.its not like he's implying that its a bad thing,its just that it takes timeto read the whole thing.i told him i didnt really mind if he didnt wanna read it(i dont force ppl to read this ya know) but he said cos he's a friend(a close one as well)its his duty to read my blog(i have no idea where he came up with sumthing like that).so today,in his honour,i'm gonna right a not so long entree.mate(u know who u r)this is for you,and please when u read this,do me a favor by voting or at least tell me bout it via email(yahoo please,hotmail is under 'renovation' apparently). jing convinced me to walk all the way to xby today just to grab myself a packet of instant noodles(not maggi,ever since they took out the msg,it tastes like sh!t).its worth it i guess since i was intro-d to band of brothers whilst i was at his place(heard of it but nvr seen it before) he said its good and somehow i find myself trusting his taste in tv thing though,i dont really like tv series unless its really good but since he thinks its really good,i might just give it a go(if ure reading this,thanks).my work finally got up to par which is a good thing,shows improvement and all the effort i'm putting in is actually paying off. it makes me feel good about myself and also makes the whole thing feels worthwhile.starting back on the coffee addiction(not really an addiction,its just a way to keep me awake).at least 4 cups a day,each made with 4 teaspoons of coffee plus 1 teaspoon of sugar,add hot water and thats basically milk.i was thinking of cancelling the sugar but exp tells me that i need do things gradually so maybe tomorrow?anyway,not gonna type anything else cos like i said,short one. got a few pics i grab from stewie and lin

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

making it right

this morning i woke up feeling really bad about current work doesnt really reflect what i believe i can do and not only that,i've been postponing my work so long that i'm getting fed up with myself. really makes one wonder how my teachers are feeling.probably more fed up with me than i am.the only explanation(more of an excuse really) i can come up with is the post exam feeling.i'm the kind of person that just suddenly switches off after the exams are over(dont sneer at me,u do it as well,well most of you at least). not really the best thing to do since my next coming exam is getting closer by the day(its in june by the way if ure wondering).and also,the reason why i'm like this is not really because exams are ove,its more to the fact that i'm just bleedin lazy.i know myself better than most ppl and my huge prob has always been laziness(which is closely followed by my appetite for good food)so,from now on,i'm commiting myself working at least 6 hours a night.i realised now that my sleeping habits doesnt really make me work more,what it does is gives me more time awake. so by setting a specific minimum time of working,at least i have an idea of how much work i'm doing where as just being awake for 20 hours a day does not mean i work 20 hours a day. so its decided,at least 6 hours of work during night time meaning this excludes lesson time and vols.hopefully this will work(come on,dont laugh,as a friend u should at least support me a bit).i'm gonna exclude weekends from this hectic time management(lets just call it a day off)so that i will have a bit of time to do other stuff like learn how to cook or have a game session or'm reading through this and somehow it sounds just ridiculous,impossible and the guy writiting this must be a nutcase.maybe i am.who cares anyway.i'm doing this so that i can make things right. this is my determination! i;m gonna do posters after this to remind me of my goal.a bit 'skema' i'll admit but if i have to start sometime ,i might as well try to start now while i'm not thinking straight. Ktk told me that one thing that all of us have in common(us as in 'us' not everyone,not only me and him either) is that there will be a point in our lives where we will just 'blossom'(this is an actual quote).mine might not be now but i'll try hard till that day comes.
going to today,well,just another wednesday really(except for my awakening of course).i might be able to 'rob' a few maggi mee's from two of my friends which is a good thing(for me at least).had my first innocent smoothies bottle since i cant even remember when.if any of u never had it before then search for it,kill sumone if u have to,its worth every blood drop(unless its mine of course,mines priceless)actually no,dont kill anyone,i dont want to be blamed if sumone died over a smoothie that i said was worth killing for.but its just one ofthose luxuries i can only afford to have once awhile,seriously.i know my dad told me that its ok when it comes to food but the price when you think about it is just..sooooo expensive.fair enough it uses 100% recycle bottles and 100% fruits as its ingredients but with that kind of price,i can actually get 3 coke cans for each smoothie. and hell,even when it comes to coke i have to think twice if not 50p,its killing me financially. back to today,again i tried to go to the ca office but i have no idea how to open the door ,i tried pulling,pushing,turning the nob,nothing happens,its like they dont want me to be in. so trying to not make myself look like an idiot trying to break in,i just bolted(when i think back,bolting makes it look more like i was trying to break in). bought myself a new set of stationaries from the bookstore,i thought i needed a change in working conditions and tools to mark my 'change'.end of the day.bring on tomorrow

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

get well Nik

today is..not the a day that i would wanna replay ever.this morning i had an email from Nik,he's in NY at the moment which is good to hear but theres sumthing in the email that was shocking,he just survived an accident. i quote "Just survived a car accident last Thursday. There was a big ice-storm that day. The ground and roads were covered with at least 0.5 inch of ice (it was minus 10 degrees Celsius that day. On a sharp Y turn, the car that was driven by my staff swerved and skidded to side of the highway and plunged into a 20 feet ravine. Thank god that the edge of the ravine was a stream. The car was totally damaged but we survived OK. Just a few bruises here and there and a few days of body aches from the backlash. The car did not survive though. Thank god everyone including myself who was sitting at the back wore seat belt and air bags were functioning."oh my lucky was that. I for one am relieved that everyone was safe and sound(too bad cant say the same to the car). Nik,if ure ever reading this,hope ure doing alright and get well soon.i'm not sure whether it was near death or not(hoping that its not) but if it was,only if,and it happend to me,i..i'm not sure how to react to be honest.Will i start praying to the god whom i failed to follow orders?its a common human nature that we turn to god in time of need and neglect when everythings going our way. i cant stop thinking bout it when i read his email.i've been thinking the same thing when sumone close to me gets involve in a dangerous accident or 'leaves' me.i know that stuff like that happens almost everyday to every other person in other parts of the world besides my own but when its sumone close i just feel the chill if u know what i mean.thinking of how i havent made my parents proud of having a son such as me,if i was to 'leave' now,i'd feel the utmost regret.....a bit of a gloomy writing there aint it? i was taught that death is the nearest thing to anyone in the world and i never actually understood the meanig and still havent,i always think of it as death could occur at anytime but it doesnt seem right.anyway,that was how my day startd,and guess what,it was almost raining ,in fact after a couple of hours it did rain almost like the weather is reflecting my mood(could be the other way around though).my first time having breakfast after a few days of late wake ups(alarm aint working as well as it should for the past few days,my reaction to the sound is getting too quick,manage to get around it though today)i remember having a rumbling stomach yesterday morning,i reckon tom heard me in maths cos it was kinda loud.not really the best of days for learning to be honest,but i'm making great progress with my econs coursework(which i have full confidence that i will have to do).had a football match today and even though we lost(4-1) it didnt felt that bad,infact,i was enjoying myself.i mean,it was annoying after the first 2 but it started to amuse me when the 3rd came,and i was pretty much smiling all through the rest of the match.pete pulld one back for us which was alright.found out that today is timmy(only a few calls him that and i did it cos it reminds me of southparks timmy) 18th. he wasnt very excited about it though. timmy!happy birthday!owh,i have to point out to my dear,dear friend who thinks i'm a brand conscious could u???i dont even have that many ax stuff.ok fine a few shirts,my gloves,a jacket and my cap but thats basically it.i dont have any ax jeans(well i might have one..only one).. its not my fault that ax makes the kind of clothes that catches my fancy.but seriously if one thinks bout it,i dont really go for brands but rather for the designs(not bluffing)fair enough they might come from a limited number of brands but i promise u i didnt buy em for their name.chong noted that my choice of colours for clothing is quite limited(he said sumthing like soo emo),seeing most of my new stuff is either white balck or grey(with the exception of two of my jeans(montana and i have no idea whats the levis one is clld).true2,not gonna deny it.i tend to buy either white or black with the occasional blue red nvr yellow or green though.a friend of mine(being a model seems to make her think that she has good fashion sense) thinks that i'll look good in bright colours.regardless whether its true or false(lets be honest,i look good in anything(haha,how i wish that was true)),brights colors are well,too bright for me,and pale colours make the thing looks old thus u have my colour taste.i might give in to her demands though the next time we go out(just to make it clear,she aint my gf,no,nvr!!),i owe her at least that much i think.saw the red carpet for the oscars in the paper(u're probably thinking,wtf is this guy doing reading bout the red carpet,dont get me startd),on the bottom bit they normally have what fashion critics have to say.they amuse me soo much. not gonna say much bout it since its not really my forte.but it was fun-ny just to read bout it.highly unproductive day.havent done work since morning,i might actually start now to make up for the slack attitude before.tomorrow then.

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Gondoliers

This day did not turn out as i hoped it would be.I was hoping to catch about 4hours of sleep but it turnd out that once u stoppd its pretty hard to start over.I should have known that since it does happen most of the time.still,i'm getting there,its just a matter of time before i can really manage 4 hours a day. Still need to heat up my room so that the theres least temptation to sleep.the highlight of the day was the Gondoliers,a play i just went to a few minutes ago.I'll be honest,the only reason i went was cos one of my teachers is in it however,i actually enjoyed it.Its a musical (which is the type of plays i normally go to) and the background is set in italy i think. i have to say that the story line was quite predictable but that could possibly be just me(for a person who hears a lot of conspiracy theories,its not that hard to see how this play in particular was gonna unfold) but like i said,i still enjoyed it.last night someone calld me saying that she was at a studio taking salsa lessons(y she calld me whilst she was there?i have no idea)she just startd about a week ago and seems like she enjoys,i'm more into tap dancing which is sumthing i'm gonna look into during the summer but its really doubtful seeing that my parents dont really approve me doing stuff like that. I recall when i was learning the guitar back when i was 12(bear in mind that it was my dads idea). it was really fun and i enjoyd it so much that i try to spend as much time on it.afterawhile though,my dad always gives me sarcastic remarks everytime he sees me on the guitar.if it was a friend ,i would have snapd back but seeing it is my dad i just have to keep it in(theres just somethings u dont say to ur parents).if he preferrd(its not that he hates it or dislikes it)me not playing sumthing he made me do in the first place(which i do enjoy),i reckon if it was sumthing like tap dancing,he would quickly disapprove. But theres always the possibility that he would understand though so i'll take that chance and try. talking bout music,has anyone heard of DANCE by justice?its sucha catchy song(to be fair,the majority of electronica are catchy),i like the kiddy like sound singing it,soo cute. owh,i just found out a trait that i really detest in a person.i'm not really sure what its calld but its just annoying. theres this friend of mine who askd one of his sr's to help him out with his work. i would have help him out but i was so busy watching superbad that i said no when he came to ask.kinda regret it back then but the feelings gone now.back to the guy,now his sr help him out and all was well until lunch time. the sr was talking to one of the teachers boasting on how he did my friends work for him.i'm not sure whether he's being ethical bout it but boasting to a TEACHER on how u did sumone elses work isnt really a smart thing to do is it?and he HELPD expland not do it do it(if u know what i mean). i cant really understand why anyone would ever do such a thing. is it for personal gain? so that the teacher thinks he's a hardworking person(doing others work on top of his own) or maybe to be seen as an honest person?i'm not one to judge but if it was me,i'd never claim to do sumones work when i try to help them out.but then again,he's not me is he?its him,the so self proclaimd 'legend' who thinks the world actually revolves around him.i have never met such a self-centerd person in my life.woah,this is taking it a bit too far.i gotta stop,hatred is not sumthing i wanna get into.fuuh..i try not to hate ppl it never seems to work,like i said before,i was educatd not to hate ppl but rather the actions that they did.i typed this before and trust me i've been trying so hard to get there but theres always a small part of me that just cant help but hate certain ppl.aww man,i think i better stop.thats all,nyte

Sunday, 24 February 2008

back to the present

finally i've finishd the boston ones.feels quite good right now although i havent startd on my work yet.big mak came in and ask me to help him with his work,i dont really mind to be honest since it'll improve my own is a very normal sunday,with a few ppl still feeling a bit of a hangover from last nights antics(yup,that is normal).woke up really late today just to find out that samsons been tryin to call me to get me to play footie which was fine seeing i love doing it for fun. ive had this wanting to quit the football team for awhile and do sumthing else,badminton perhaps which is more laid back and less stressful.the reason y i play football in the first place was cos its fun but when ure being pressurd to win,the excitement just..goes away. i was reminded today that my room is a bit argument was that its expensive to really decorate my room seeing that its slightly larger than ur average room and theres no point since i'm only gonna be here for a few months.its neat though,i promise.its a trait i try to keep from back in the 'old' days.the three main stuff is still on my wall,the jalur gemilang,my arsenal jersey and barcelona jersey.i've stoppd learning japanese for awhile,i was hoping to continue to do so after the exams but apparently i have to prepare for the next exams and i am not gonna do last minute stuff anymore so better get started early.yeah,that would be a great i dea.starting from today,i'll 'try' to maintain a maximum of 4 hours a sleep (its possible,i've done it before).finish fable today which is the best uk game i ever plyd so far(the only one to be exact) but i dont think i'll go for fable 2 though.owh,i saw crash yesteray and seriously it was really sad.go an see it yourself,i almost cried in one of the scenes.enlightening aswell,no joke.i'm also starting to plan out what i wanna do this summer (although its like a few months a way). my first thought was to get a job as a waiter or a concierge although the latter normally need an in depth knowledge of the surrounding areas but i reckon i could manage.y? cos i want a job that interacts with ppl its also the exp of working,but before that,i need to convince my dad to allow me to do so(parents,what would u expect). i've done a bit of work before but i nvr told my parents bout it,now theres a feeling of guiilt if i dont tell them my plan.where and how are problems which can solved if i put the effort in.i'll keep updating about it when i could.

Boston part5(the last part)

after that wonderful tuesday i know no other day would be as good as that so i kept my expectations low(no way i can afford another day like that,who do ya think i am. wednesday was boring cos i didnt do much. when to MIT in the evening whilst it was raining. i had this idea that God didnt want us to come to MIT so god had rain pouring down(not a very good argument but bear with me,i believe in god).thats pretty much it for the day, at night i had pizza i think form papa johns and they were better than dominos or pizza hut,trustme on this,when it comes to food,i know i have an alright taste.the next few days were boring as well although i did go to as many lectures as i,could is not the right word..bear,perhaps?that happened all the way till sunday with meals coming at the food court and lecs in marriot ,sheraton adn heinze convention centre. on sunday i manage to find the time to go to AX (alone) to get any stuff with the money i'm left with and alsowentto the launderette to wash my luggage wasnt ashavy asi thought it would be but it was pretty full.i swear if it wasnt a very good bag,it would have exploded(not literally,metaphorically).i was a bit sad though cos i didnt manage to buy my lil sys a wii. its not that i dont have the money(i've been saving for a long long time)but i feared my bag just wouldnt fit.its prob my fault cos i bought too many stuff for myself but when else would i ever find the time to be selfish and not feel that much guilt?i'll get her one when i get back to malaysia(if ure reading this,remind me when i get back,kay?)so that was pretty much it. my trip to was enjoyable and worthwhile.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Boston part 4(wont be long now)

yesterday was really annoying.there i was typing my blog entree when suddenly my IE just went gay is that?and i was almost done with it as matter.its not like i have any option but to type a new one all over goes.tuesday. as should be shown on my blog today,its the best day,in my opinion, for the whole back and u'll know that Nik told me two days ago(from that tuesday,not today)that about a place calld wrentham.having checkd with my concierge(midtown does have a concierge)i found out that it'll cost me 38 bucks to go there and back. although i just met nik,i had full confidence when he told me its one of the best places for sales so i decided to go that it luck or wtv but apparently no one was able to accompany me there but i was so convince that its worth the trip that i on my own. that would prob be the best thing that could have happen cos i'm the type of person that dont really lash out when i'm around ppl for some apparent reason which i am so sure of. my coach arrived a few minutes early which was fine by me(the earlier we start the better).the driver was big plump guy(i have no idea y i put that in).there was a few others from othe hotels coming ,there was like 10 of us which was just took us an hour to get there and believe me,once i've reached there i immediately know why nik fancies the place so much. owh,havent intro-d the place yet. its calld wrentham premium factory outlet stores village(i think,although i coud be wrong).as stated in the name,its a place filled with factory outlets stores.its a bit too open for my taste butit didnt matter that much,what matters was the sales.OMG. almost all the shops i went to had sales ranging from 20-75%.once i've reachd there,my first stop was the adidas store (my lacoste is in need of a sub).it was pretty big,slightly smaller than a jusco floor if u know what i mean.the shoes were selling for $29.99++(i always wndered what ppl have with the 99 cents,why not just round it up) and i was so tempted to buy 2,3 of em but manage to hold the temptsation as my mon would say, browse before u buy.i totally agree with my mom cos i rather take the time to go around and check things out so that i can avoid finding sumthing better after headed out and headed towards nike.on the way,i saw hugo boss.i dont normally wear hugo boss(way too expensive) having only bought one t-shirt there in my life(got a few other shirts though which my sis bought me). still,since i'm there and the place have massive sales,mght as well just check it out.the first thing i saw as i walkd in was a black hoodie with a blue was soooo nice.the jackets were also kinda cool but i was thinking practicality so i wasnt really interestd in sumthing i wont be able to wear in my own country.i didnt get the hoodie the first time around though cos i felt it was kinda expensive but the 2nd time i came in i just bought it without thinking much.after hugo boss was was pretty much the same size as adidas and prices for the shoes were pretty similar(i wonder y)some nice clothes but i have too many adidas already so i decided on no. i was pretty confused on which shoes to get cos they're all nice and relatively rather than waste my time thinking,i put it on hold and weant roaming around the place. wrentham boast a lot of brandd stores and i i find myself ending up in guess. its here when i started to buy stuff. the sales were so tempting that i cant stop,i bought myself a double cuff shirt(havent har a guess one before),two pair of jeans(black and montana),a collard shirt,a sweater and a belt(just to complete the set).this is when i just snapd. after that i stoppd by DKNY to get myself another shirt(can only afford one). as i walked back to the reception area(my hand were getting pretty full) i saw this shop which was selling trendy shoes so i did what other teenagers would do,stared through the window(no not really,i went in..duhh). the shoe that caught my eye was a pair of nike shoes and as soon asi saw them i knew it was gonna be em cos they're wasy better than the ones in nike and got my shoe and went to the reception area to place all my stuff in the lockers. lucnh wasnt great,there was a food court around with only 3 shops opend. owh,dont ever go for buffalo sauce,they are horrid.after lucnh went for round 2 of the place and i'm gonna stop mentioning stuff cos if any of my sibs read this,they are gonna be soo jealous and also it'll be way too obvious on how much i spent.a few stuff here and there and the coach came by at 4-ish.back to the hotel.that night someone said sumthing about having dinner at mortons.i have never been there before but i quote him"its one of the best places to eat steak". being a very trusting person,i agreed and so mortons it was
and trust me,i nvr regret going there but if ever i had the chance agian.i'll drag my parents along with me,the bill was too horrifying. we had a 3 course meal(since its such a nice place ,might as well just go all out) and i had the best meal amongst all of us(come on,u know its true).i'll put the pics up in my other blog as soon as i can,gonna take a new perceptive.the only let down was the fruit punch,i was really hoping for an actual freshly made fruit punch but what came was ..not up to par.but still,the meal was amazing esp the legendary morton choc cake.thebest i have ever tasted in my life and trust me,i've tastd some good choc cakes in my life.this one is specially made for one person with a hot chos syrup in the middle accompanied by a scoop of vanilla was wow.thats pretty much it for tuesday but still,the best day in the trip.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Boston part 3

now i'm wishing i didnt miss all that blogging.haih...anyway part 3. monday aint it? monday wasnt the most interesting of days.i remember going around westin .its like a shopping mall, i think. one of my fave brands was and is still in there.guess what it is..heres a hint,it aint guess. the place wasnt that big..its not big at all to be honest..even suria is way bigger than westin.the place had shops like ralph lauren(which we went into so many times that i lost count), j.crew(one of their fave shops..not mine though).i remember the first time i was there with andy,we were looking around the whole place just to find the shop(he wantd to go soo much,i just tagd along)the signs were taken off cos they were renovating the place. what a waste of few minutes(it wasnt that long,like i said,its kinda petite for a mall).one thing i like bout j.crew is notthe clothes its the shopping exp. the sales assistant were all so nice,they even offerd me a drink.the place only had 2 eating places,legal seafoods(had their famous crab cake which wasnt really the greatest crab cake but it was alright) and chilis.the mall also had a porsche design shop.although most of the clothing were made by adidas,the price really puts ppl off(unlike normal adidas stuff which are relatively inexpensive). i found a jacket which was sooo nice but the price was also way nicer(haha).another shop thats worth a mention is armani exchange. not gonna say why but just gonna mention it(bro,if ure reading this..hahahahahahah).i forgot where we had lunch but i assumd it was at the food court again(cant really go wrong there).in the afternoon we headed to harvard(yup..again..for me at least).the harvard tour was kinda boring probably cos i already had a personal one yesterday but it was more to the weather again.its freezing although its not snowing nor raining just the wind blowing in our faces making me shiver...its was quick as well which kindamakes u feel like ure unwanted or a nuisance(it could just be me thinking too much again)i think we had a treasure hunt that night. we had to play ring around the rosy with some valets(we chose them cos they look like nice ppl),got answers from the sales assistant in emporio armani,took a few pics and a few other stuff. for dinner we went to have sushi. we manage to convince stewie to try sushi cos he nvr had any and most of em arent sure on what to order. one thing that kinda puts me off a bit is that the place only sells sushi..honestly,i can stay there all night eating cos for me sushi is not really sumthing that filling,someone agreed with me on that but again we thought bout stewie and since we're already there,might as well just eat.he kinda liked the sof shell crab which he thinks is a bit weird at first cos u can eat the shell. everything else was alright although i have to say i've tasted better(what can i say,i go out and eat a lot..of times(u know what i mean))owh,the california roll was sligthly above average..we ended the day with a film on a laptop,i think its calld chocolat?i saw that one before so halfway through i did a bit of headbanging which is a sign by my brain telling me to catch some z's.once be continued
omg..i need to omit stuff from the next one,i'm gonna miss out current stuff if i just type about boston.ergh.tuesday i spent the whole night playing games(what a geek!!) but it was fun although it took a huge toll on me the next day(i was nodding in physics so much that i reckon mr Meatyard might think i was soo into the lesson).didnt do me good though.manage to control myself a bit(just a bit,at least its an improvement) yesterday and feeling a lot better today.owh, my lil sys sent me a card which almost brought tears to my eyes(nah..just joking) but call it luck or wtv,the thing arrived 13th feb.omg...if she knew she'd be thrilld.still havent unpack my stuff from the trip(i went to the launderette the day we were meant to leave so everything is clean) and i think i'm gonna leave them in there.cos if i put any of those stuff in the laundry here,chances are they're gonna shrink and it'll end up on my bros wardrobe.and i aint gonna let that happen. last time i went back he borrowed my jacket to go to a prom(ahh yes..the good old boys when i was young).true ,that has nothing to do with my clothes getting shrunk but my jacket ended up in my bro's wardrobe(although i did take the opportunity to get a new one it still aint as good as the first one).JIng seems to like the beef jerky i bought for him although its the wrong brand(sorie jing).i reckon i had beef jerky before but cant quite recall was thinking of writing an entree for my other blog but at this rate,is not gonna happen. thats it for today.times up

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Boston part 2

where was I?owh yeah,sunday. this was the day i was supposedly to have a personal tour of the all famous harvard. I was actually more looking forward to meet nik and ahmad to be honest cos they somehow remind me of my youth(yeah!).for those who dont know em,they're old boys. Nik is from class of 96(ten years us,well for most of us) and ahmad is from 88(a year before most of us was born). Nik pickd me up from the hotel(midtown hotel,did i state that yesterday?) around half past nine and we went off to harvard square. had peets coffee(i think thats the name of the shop,its a chain so if anyone knows the actual, one correct me)well i actually had hot choc whilst waiting for ahmad to get back from sending his kids to the museum i think(yes, kids, he's 37..duhh)When ahmad finally joind us,had breakfast at..(i have no idea where we went) but it was alright. i dont know whether its luck or god loves me but everytime i choose sumthing from an 'alien' menu,it always turns out to be quite nice. i had waffles with bananas and choc syrup(ngaaaa)nice...whilst nik and ahmad were arguing over the bill(both insisting that they pay)i was thinking on how things are gonna change for me anf my friends(yeah you!) as we grow up. fighting over bills?u having a laugh?cant really imagine that but it will happen i guess..ahamd took me around harvard which at the time was experiencing horrid weather.its like sumone up there doesnt want me to come to the place(not that i can in the first place).but it was good. we started out at the statue of three lies. not gonna spoil it to all u harvard gonnabe's but trust me,its amusing. after that we just hang around the place for a bit but not that long cos Nik had a plane to catch. nik told me about his pace wrentham which is a factory outlet stores village(is that even the right term?)and apparently it was one of the best places to shop.i found that to be true a few days later when i went there.that was basically sunday ended with me having dinner yet again at the food court with chee a think then joining the others for pizza(well i didnt have the pizzas cos i cant) . we ditchd a chance to watch the movies cos i just didnt felt like it. thats all i guess for today cos i'm blogging for the other blog as well. be continued!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

boston part 1

A few ppl told me that the lack of entrees in the past week shows how 'commitd' i am to my blog. i know,its my fault for not giving enough time to blogging but give me a break,i didnt knew there were actually ppl taking the time to read my blog(i really appreciate it ,thank you so much although i wish u guys could just vote on the poll,even a comment on the c-box would be great). The week and a bit i was in boston was just amazing,the first day i was there wasnt really enjoyable,had a walk around the place just to getto know the surroundings.and that was basically my first day there(we arrived in the evening and had to wait for others to come by so it wasnt that productive) we went on a freedom trail the next day which wasnt really my kind of thing but it was..knowledgable? its a more interesting way to learn boston history and i did learn a lot from our tour guide,she was nice and made the thing worthwhile.we started at the boston commons after a gruesome snowball fight at a park just nearby newbury street and ended somewhere near the harbour,the thing was supposed to go be longer than a mile but we stopped cos the tour was for only part of the freedom trail.we went to a cemetery to see famous dead ppl and also some historical building and statues. lunch that day was just amazing,we went to the oyster union house,for those who dont know,its one of americas oldest restaurant(or so it says).i promise u the food was amazing. i had clam chowder and their special lobster(i know it sounds expensive but my dad always say its alright when its food). the price after conversion to the RM is kinda shocking but i didnt care at that moment cos similar to my other travels,food comes first on my list of things to do. after eating we had a stroll around the harbour which was filled with shops.most of the shops didnt really interest me although some did caught my friends eye. close to the end of the harbour,there was american eagle,gap,banana republic and sumthing else which i couldnt remember. me and andy got bored so we headed to newbury street which was filled with more shops(haha).by the time we reached there,we already made up our minds on which shops to go to since we had a walk around the place the other day(it was quite close to the hotel). first we went to nike cosi wanted to design my own shoe(sounds weirddoesnt it) but they didnt have the nike id design so it was kinda disappointing. we went to guess next which was on sale(wohoo). bought myself a pair of jeans,a shirt and a jacket.the cost?not gonna type it here cos of a lot of reasons. thats was the end of the day for me but not for andy apparently.we went to brooks brothers next and did a bit more shopping(well he did,i just tagged along).i wasnt really interested by the stuff they were selling cos 1) the price 2)omg..they are sooo..skema? i think.. it didnt stop andy though. we were there for more than an hour .i never could imagine spending more than an hour in a shop that aint even that big. didnt mind though ,at least its burning time not money(not mine at least). so that was pretty much day. dinner was again at the food court,panda express was there,its my fave fast food, but there were also other stuff which were alright.the end of the 2 days.gonna continue tomorrow!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

blogging time

this lack of blogging time is killing me. i swear i would have blogged everyday if i had the access. even now i cant blog that long,too much time is needed to do other stuff.i stumbled on a blog today,it was called sparks,i didnt really know what its about but i manage to read one of the entrees,it has sumthing to do with the was kinda funny,cant believe malaysian politics are evolving in such a way(if anyone is thinking of quoting me,dont,i was just having a laugh) too much to so in too little time.anyways,it was a good read which makes me feel like blogging mopre frequent,but then again,an hour a day(when i do act do it) is kinda a lot and dont think i can allocate more than that during holidays cos family and friends consume sooo much of my time. a friend of mine (ebo..i'm quoting you) gave me a testi on facebook..i quote..the-guy-who-never-stays-home.could u believe it?me..well..honestly he does act have a point..the last time i was back in malaysia i spent most nights outside of the house cos too many ppl wanna hang out(since having access to a car,i ran out of excuses to say no).i even spent a few nights at friends place.omg.just ran out of time.ergh..this is really killing me

Saturday, 9 February 2008

2nd day america

i really am gonna edit all this when i get back.but for the time being i'll just have to write a short one since i dont have the time. today was amazing.went on a freedom trail which wasnt all that exciting neither is it dull but informative.i enjoyed lunch,it was alright. clam chowder and lobster. i'll put the pics in my 2nd blog cause its food basically. went around shopping which was alsoalright. first time i saw andy being so fussy bout anything and he is one hell of a shopper(brooks brothers,j crew among others).i only bought three stuff ,all of em came from guess,a shirt a jacket and a pair of jeans.i felt that they were worth it although they werent cheap(my standards not yours). still went window shopping though and i swear i'm gonna go to ax again cos my god,there are sooo many stuff that i wanna buy from there. i just got the confirmation from my dad and i will be buying my sis a wii(its gonna burn a hole in my pocket) .sibs, i dont really mind to be honest when it comes to family,sumthing i get from both my parents.owh,heres a couple of conversations i found funny today:

we were walking to a restaurant,
jiramate:we will just pay for what we eat,ok?
leon:yeah,what else are we gonna pay for then?

in room 247
andy:what were they doing in the cinema?
fayzal:i believe the went there to watch a film or just stand there eating popcorn.

not enough time to finish this up.haih

Friday, 8 February 2008


stayed awake until i had a nap in the bus at around 6 ish.its amazing how lonely u can get when ure all alone in ur room doing absolutely nothing. thank god johnny came in at around 1,had a lil chat(he was excited about london). wasnt long though cos hehad to sleep where as i had to stay awake cos i didnt wanna miss the bus at 5.had a 1 hour bath which was refreshing(seriously,u should try it).iw as really excited bout this trip to america and when we arrived,it was snowing. i prefer the snowy america then the windy eng. went around a few shops today although i didnt by head is still thinking bout buying my lil sis a wii and myself an ipod but i dont really feel that it is worth it,not yet.still...not enough time to blog cos i got a few stuff to catch up on.haa

Thursday, 7 February 2008


cant blog as long as i wish i could,got packing to do .not gonna miss a day of blogging though so here it is.pretty useless to be honest but who reads this anyway except me.had a minor argument with gabs,mike and charles. they didnt like it when i didnt sign the petition for going against human trafficking.i told them i didnt have enough information about it to sign that petition and they werent happy.charles keep trying to put words in my mouth which didnt really work,gabs keep saying sumthing bout those being trafficked being slaves but he knows no one having a slave and mike,was just being mike. i'll admit i do feel a bit bad but i have a right to choose what to do,and dont get me wrong,i am not for human trafficking but neither i am against it.full stop.cant wait to get to america,my shopping list now consist of a wii(for my sister) and an ipod touch which i'm not sure of yet at the moment.still got time to decide though.i'm going to underpack on purpose just so that i have to buy extra clothes when i'm there,cheeky,i know. thats all i guess for now, need to pack.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


i was talking to andy today about what to buy in america. he told me apple has got a new ipod touch out(32 gb) which sounds tempting but the cost($500) does make me think for awhile(well,actually longer than that).andy went to the apple shop and told me alot bout new apple stuff including the new laptop.sooooo dreamy but i can never afford it so i'll have to continue dreaming about it(dad,take note if ure reading this....).i 'm considering whether i should withdraw more money from my account.the reason why i'm having doubts is because i dont want to overspend but what if i need to get sumthing for my sibs,or even myself(ok2,fine,cancel the sibs). and the thing is,its cash, so its kinda dangerous to walk around with loads of cash in your pocket,although i could get travellers cheque but then again,too much of a hussle. found out today that my bro has a lot of titles which kinda makes me proud a bit(nah,not really), but when i was his age, i didnt want that many (i couldnt get em anyway) cos for a guy,i'm way too lazy.i met a group of malaysians today checking out my place. Mrs Clark was showing em around and whilst i was walking out my door singing(not even the slightest embarassment)they saw my malaysian flag on my wall.tehy went into my room to have a look see(good thing i keep my room tidy) and i was intro-d to em. apparently one of em knows my parents an vice versa.lavy told me that one of em could actually be royalty(i dont really care to be honest)but i didnt talkd to them that long cos i was in a rush.i bought myself my first ever hard cover book, The Lords of Bows,before you judge me or anything,bare in mind that the book is based on actual history although some of the facts are changed a bit.its about genghis khan(apparently the right way to say it is chenggis han) and trust me,its worth reading. foster and wignall decided to go on a diet to lose wight yesterday,its a pretty tough job since they aint gonna have food outside main meals and only fruits for supper among other sutff the cant eat.well,if they're gonna do that,i'm going to do just the opposite so that i could gain a few pounds.i was thinking of proposing a fat transfer but i reckon it doesnt work that way.renovations on the new house is taking longer than expected so my parents havent moved dad says by the time i get back ,they would have probably settld in already which i really hope so. i was wondering today if any of my friends are gonna offer to pick me up from the airport.the last time i came back,ebo and icad was kind enough to 'offer' themselves to pick me up,what such good friends i have.there was supposed to be at least one more person but he was too busy sleeping which is kinda rude. nvrmind,time will tell whats gonna happen.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

fayzal is resting

sleep,breakfast,film,shower,sleep,film,lunch,film,bath,chill,ps3,supper,work(not really),blogging! cant get any slack than this.this is how i want to live my life,nothing much to do but slaaaaaaaaack.its gonna cost me a lot though.i'll probably have to go to bed late tonight just to finish up on my work.the price i pay for a day's worth of rest.i dont really mind,its been enjoyable whilst it lasted. Nik Kamil(class of 96) called me just a few minutes ago.Nice chap,had a good amazes me though that he would call me all the way from the states. felt a bit guilty cos it probably cost him alot but he doesnt seem to mind. its exciting to know that i'll be meeting sumone(in fact 2 ppl) in boston.both are old boys actually and one of em is doing his pHD at Harvard,woweee.i never dreamt of going to harvard to study(due to my slack attitude) but i'm still going to have a look see.i was replying emails this evening and in the email Nik sent to Ahmad(class of 88),there was this line that kinda made me laugh.i quote Nik ..Faisal is also an old boy and was the rugby superstar back in Koleq. haha, makes me feel old,it does,seriously. the superstar bit almost made tears come out,its hilarious.i never see myself as a rugby superstar although i did win a few stuff(not really that few but not that many either). the way we(my team) see ourselves is a team without superstars(could be just me thinking it that way though). anyway, it doesnt really matter,what matters is that they are willing to give their time to meet ur average(could be below or above,i dont know) teenager(aka me!) who left the same institution they went to a year and a bit ago. it just shows how close old boys are,and i for one am proud of it.wohoo. just started on my shopping list.i might be getting a new pair of jeans. mine just got torn apart,it looks ridiculous,but then again,i thot jeans were meant to be torn,arent they? i'm considering on getting my youngest sis a wii.i know,it sounds crazy but i reckon it would be worth it,i dont really care when it comes to family. and she'll love it!my mom wont appreciate it though cos it'll probably distract my sis from doing work. i dont put down stuff like shirts and pants on the list they arent really that important.i only put down a thing or two on the list and everything else depends on how much my list uses up my money. at the moment i have no idea at all.maybe i should sleep on it.yeah,might as well do it now so that i can wake up at 3.