Thursday, 25 September 2008


you insist on doing this,
But i want to do that,
Honestly,you are making me pissed,
I'll hit you with a baseball bat,
And I'm not gonna miss.

I really dont know why,
we keep on this fight,
If you're trying to show me the light,
Please bare in mind,
Your so called 'light',
Aint always right.

I know,
I'm immature,
With a heart thats no longer pure,
Not even sure if there is a cure,
But seriously,
This is such a bore.

As time ticks,
the pressure builds up,
I might soon breakdown,
So before I suddenly click,
Cant you just let me pick?

Probably not,
You're just as i thought,
All the while i fought,
Shouldve just waited and rot.

Again,has nothing to do with reality,just random stuff

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Painful Truth

I'm going to come clean,
I know I'm only nineteen,
So after saying this
I'll leave this scene.

Just strings of words,
making little or no sense,
yet our relations might become tense,
In all honesty,
I never did have a chance.

My real intention,
was to make a confession,
I have a crush on you,
now, do I have your attention?

Its not the hair,
Or the skin thats fair,
Or the eyes that mesmerize,
Honestly i dont care.

You never were hot,
At least thats what i thought,
Yet you stand out,
Among all the lot.

its the personality,
the fact that you are happy and free,
and the way you laugh with a glee,
it just drives me crazy

this i know is going no where,
time was never there,
we'll never be a pair,
its not like you would ever care.

to me,
You were somewhat cold,
So please return what you have stole,
For its no longer whole,
And the fate that would unfold,
I already know,
Your hand,
Was never meant for me to hold.

Just to be clear,it has nothing to do with reality(dont u get any ideas now)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

I'm Back!

Mustve been months since i last updated my blog. wanna know whose fault it is? friends who did nothing but ask me out (to be fair,its my fault as well for agreeing to join em). for the last couple of months,i went out almost on a daily basis(just imagine the fuel hurts soooo bad) waking up late and coming back 'early' has been a norm (but not for long though,dont really have the financial backings to continue).owh,before i forget,kinda like to say i'm sorry to those who i didnt have the chance to reply on msn,sorry dudes,i might be 'online' but i aint there(dont tell me i'm wasting energy,i aint,i was downloading). Still wanna keep my word to jing and janet, i'll end here