Monday, 30 March 2009

The Car and what not

Its been more than a week since i inherited a car(i know its not a fortune but it is something nonetheless) .technically its not mine but it will be one day(hoping3......). by now u'll probably be wondering what kinda car i got.well for those who were thinking of old jags,ferraris,cadillacs and what not,well,sorry to burst ur bubble its an 80's mercedes(w116 280s merc to be exact) . it was ownd by my late grandfather and its been there even before i was born(duhh,80,i was born in 89). I just sent the car for a full service at a place recommendd by a friend. kinda impress with the condition of the car since one of the guys there said with a rating of 10,he gives my car a 7/6 which is kinda good since its an ancient.he also mentioned that my car being an 80's car is somewhat odd cos it has little or no rust(wohoo,credits to my late grandpa and uncle).the engine is in good condition despite its age(old things do last apparently).not gonna elaborate more on the car cos i dont know that much bout cars and this is only the start so i'll do another one on the car once done to satisfaction.i'll also put up a pic later on or maybe not...some ppl has no eye for old cars so putting up a pic might not be a very good idea.i remember a friend of mine came over and the first few sentences about the car that he said was "dude,mcm mane nak pick up chicks nie". of course replyin was easy(i'm not into girls who are materialistic to an extent that they'll reject me due to my car) but thats besides the someone once told me,beauty is in the eye if the beholder. my taste for cars is an acquired one(probably from my uncle).what we had planned for the car was simple,keep as many stuff as original as possible.

Just today i was 'kindly' askd by a friend to update my blog(nvr realised someone actually read my blog,thanks to those who do).of course i wantd to be cocky and told her to get in line but somehow it seems rude and inappropriate.i'm beginning to think i'm a changed person(for better or worst is of course a personal opinion) these days cos i seem to hold back a lot more. a sign of maturity perhaps or maybe i'm just hallucinating and nothing really changed.i've started on some personal exercise(amazing isnt it?) and a friend has been telling me bout herbal life.apparently it makes fat ppl skinny and vice versa.i was wonderin how does that work.and the best part about it is that u dont have to do exercise(or so i was told)just take the damn thing and hey,presto chango(sounds suspicious to me).if anyone has any comments or what not please do gimme any,i wanna know more(getting con is very low on my list of things to do).if its an almost sure thing it'll work,then i might consider it(what else could u expect from the self proclaimd mr lazy). my lil brothers gonna be getting a gti(hopefully),i personally dont mind that much since everyone can drive it although i would 'paham2 sendiri' that he has the priority. the fact that i have rights to drive any car is enough to stop me from blowing up with dissatisfaction but thats a story for another day cos this is getting long.