Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Making bread

As the title says,i've made bread.i was talking to this girl the other night and suddenly had this urge to make bread for no apparent reason. so before i slept,i made a commitment to make bread the next day(today la).heres a pic of it..
doesnt look so great does it?dont tease me too much will ya,its a first). took me a couple of hours just to make normal bread(yeah,its just plain bread).i chose plain bread cos its relatively easy and it was my first time baking on my own. owh,ignore the staright deep cut my mom made when i asked her to test it and the crooked left(that was me poking it with a knife).it didnt turn out as i hoped and the bread didnt exactly 'raise'(wtv thats suppose to mean).although taste wise its alright(if u ignore the harden parts).my sister keeps nibbling on it as if it tastes nice although i told her to throw it away.if u havent figured out what its suppose to look like yet,well,its not ur fault,its mine.i was being too ambitious and it the result shows that.its a lot different from what its suppose to look like.heres my initial sketch of what i was hoping to bake.

way different aint it.not even a good sketch.i blame it on my niece.i was thinking of an animal bread when she kept shouting mickey mouse so i kinda shifted to that instead. another failure.someone once told me baking is harder than cooking and i guess shes right. dad seems to think i should spend time learning to cook more practical stuff like nasi goreng(which i already know how).i just wanted to give baking a up is an amazing chocolate cake i've been craving for months.gotta find some stuff though,apparently its kinda hard to find unsalted butter. went to jj just now to get the ingredients and almost got confused with what they were many variations of flour sugar and what typing this here is a sign that i might resign my other blog.2 blogs take too much time.might as well just add a food tab here.another abrupt ending.later.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

financial crisis

if ure thinking that i'm talking bout the world financial crisis then ure wrong(unless of course its 'my' world ure talking bout,u know what i mean). Anyway,for the past few days,i've been spending a hell of a lot (i mean a HELL of a lot)to upgrade the old desktop at home.and now,not even halfway through the month,i've spent almost all my money(to be fair to me,my money is relatively low compared to ur average teenager).so i will most probably be limiting my social outings to weekends and spend the weekdays at home(i probably have enough seeing that i spend barely 10 bucks when i go out,well,most of the time).i've spent all the money gained from my previous 'business'(if u consider it a business that is,at least i do)my siblings(that can drive) seem to be taking advantage of my habit of filling up the tank everytime i take any of the car,i aint got ocd or a perfectionist,i just dont like seeing the car low on fuel.despite the relatively low fuel prices,it still is a nuisance to fork out 30-50 bucks every now and then.on another less annoying matter,i've finally regaind my passion for blogging(sad,i know).hopefully it'll last slightly longer than before. getting rusty though,typing getting slow and material getting low. had an agreement with dad(finally). i am to do SATs this year and perhaps get in uni in 10. although achieving my goal of a looong holiday,i still have to study for SATs on my own. in all honesty,i cant be bothered but the reward at the end is somewhat tempting.although its not something i can achieve by getting excellent scores alone.i dont know,we'll just see how it goes.i'll probably start 'studying' by next month,thinking of sumthing around 4-8 hours a day(excessive ,i know).it'll probably do,i aint no genius,i know where i stand although feels like an idiot sumtimes. one of my many definitions of an idiot is someone who knows their strengths but too lazy to nurture idiot.although i cant say its better to be dumb than be an 'idiot'. starting to get really comfy with the wireless keyboard and mouse(one of my many 'money well spent' moments...haaa).just to be able to lay on my bed and do what ever is such a good one up is a projector(thinking of bringing the ps3 in the room) although there might be a problem with the very limited space and the fact that my walls are now decorated(got my old pictures on the wall,a thing i pick up back in secondary school).i'll think about it more.more importantly is a webcam(by the time i bought the speakers,a huge whole was burning in the wallet).syaz has been pestering me to get one for awhile and since my sister is gonna be flying off to aussie,she might wanna contact us,dad seems happy with the idea.apparently good webcams can set me back by rm200(my definition of good of course).god dammuit,just remembered,gotta by books for SATs,dont know how much that'll cost me,probably not much,they're just books.although i have spoken to someone bout it,she says its about 100(why is knowledge so expensive these days). rihanna coming up soon.not sure whether i wanna go or the tics but somehow not that interested anymore.if anyones reading this(which somehow sounds very doubtful) and is somewhat interested in going but couldnt get a tic,gove me a ring/nudge/miss call/wtv although i aint promising anything.owh dear,this looks long.i'll leave it at that for the moment.might continue tomorrow.till then