Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Open house and updates

Its been awhile since i last bloggd,entirely my fault, too occupied with everything else(to be honest its more to laziness).had my open house last weekend,loads of family, neighbours we never met and friends came over.we had a cater came over to provide the food.there was kuew teow goreng, sotong kangkung,tauhu bakar,ais kacang and the highlight was the 6 lambs we had on the grill(we estimated 500 ppl,reckon there was more).owh,mom also had her friends cookd nasi dagang which to me was really good(reminds me of kelantan). Thanks to those who came and to those who cant make it,dont worry,theres always some other year(if i'm here that is). Not gonna go into details cos i'm not really in the mood to blog but i will put a picture up(probbly stole it from icad or que) sometime soon.

Before the open house,dad made me go around and invite the neighbours all on my own(parents,always make their children do what they cant be botherd to do). I didnt mind really, I kinda like meeting ppl(done a bit of random talks to strangers in my life). Most of the neighbours are actually really friendly(or maybe it was me,nah,cant be)some even invited me in but i didnt have time except for one which i didnt decline since its the last house for that night.i did however get annoyd sometimes,not by the neighbours but by their maids. some of em were just rude.come on,do i look like a salesman or a thief?and not only that,cant some of u learn bahasa or english?if u couldnt speak either one,why did u even bother come to my country!grrr!!
not that i have anything against maids,i just have sumthing against rude individuals who happend to be maids.a bit of courtesy would be nice and i did try very hard not to be rude. did feel kinda bad though cos i did the invites during the night,not really appropriate.

i will be getting a new hp.my lil sis lost hers and dad doesnt want to buy her a new one but agrees that she needs one.sooo,she will be havingmy hp and i'll get a new one.i'm thinking of lg secret or samsung omnia but i'm leaning towards the former.getting lazy,i'll update this one in a bit or just do a new one later.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


Just got back from spending a week in Kelantan. as always its a very nice place to get something to eat but other than that,theres nothing much not even a cinema(kelantanese probably got better things to do). thistime around i realized alot of stuff about kelantan.for one, the drivers are sooooooooo slow.i reckon if i was to follow their way of driving,i'd average 40km/h. mom says kelantanese have a very slack way of living,they are very slow(talking bout common kelantanese,bear in mind there are always others that arent lazy),maybe thats why kelantan is still somewhat rural,i dont know,just my opinion.anyway,like i said,kelantan is all about food. my fave was sumthing called colek(excuse the spelling).its made up of fruits,vegs,chicken,seafood,other weird and not so weird ingredients cut into small pieces and most importantly the sauce.the best so far i had was the one near cempaka(again,excuse the spelling),if ever ure around the area,make sure u drop by the place and get a bite,its heavenly. owh,this is way off what i wanted to say.my family(on my dads side) has a website.its not fully functional yet but we reckon with the help of a few tech geeks in the family(owh yes,we got a couple of those..no,aint me)it'll be an amazing website.
this is the url..

dont remind me,at this current moment,my name aint on it yet but just u wait.i'm gonna give the admins a piece of my mind.and since i aint got much else to do,might be a good idea to lend a hand and update/upgrade the website.got this cool feeling knowing that ur family has a website.woah!